Graduate Admissions at UD

Applying to UD

Graduate programs at the University of Delaware have their own unique admission requirements, funding options, deadlines, review processes and decision timelines. Understanding how your program of interest structures each of these areas is key to having a positive experience. The information below will help navigate through this process. We encourage you to read carefully the information contained on our website and thank you for considering the University of Delaware as your partner in education.

Graduate Application Details

The University of Delaware’s graduate application system is designed to put the applicant in control of not only the application but all documents associated with that application. You should have no need to send a single item by mail during the applicant stage. Self-managing your own application in this way is possible because we have designated areas within the application where each required document should be uploaded.

  1. Choose your graduate program
  2. Start your online application
  3. Gather the following documents:
  4. Upload required documents to your application
  5. Submit your application
'Domestic applicant' is defined, for admissions purposes, as a U.S. citizen (including foreign-born naturalized U.S. citizens), Permanent Resident, as well as those in Resident Alien status to include Asylee or Refugee status.
  1. Choose your graduate program
  2. Start your online application
  3. Gather the following documents:
  4. Upload documents to your application
  5. Complete the OISS Pre-Arrival Task List
    • Request an I-20 or DS-2019
    • Finalize conditions for graduate admission
    • Set up your UD accounts
    • Prepare your finances
    • Complete your family medical history form
    • Confirm your medical insurance
    • Get immunized
    • Obtain a visa
    • Communicate with your academic advisor or department
    • Pack your bags
    • Make your travel plans to the U.S.
    • Learn about Delaware and the U.S.
  6. If you decide NOT to attend
'International applicant' is defined, for admissions purposes, as any applicant who is neither a U.S. citizen, a U.S. permanent resident or a resident alien (Asylee, Refugee, TPS, etc.) of the United States.

Application Fees

For the current application season the application fee is $75.00. We encourage applicants seeking an application fee waiver to begin an application and complete as much as possible without submitting a payment.  You may contact the graduate director of the program to which you’re applying here and send a request with your 9-digit application ID — departments may be able to pay the application fee for you.

 Waiver categories include those who have participated in the following programs:
* GEM application status can be checked internally by UD.  Please send an e-mail to to request this verification which we facilitate through the College of Engineering.

If you qualify for one of the fee waiver categories listed above, check the appropriate box for the program on the application and upload a letter from the director of your program confirming your status to the “Additional information” page in your application.

If you feel you qualify for a fee waiver for reasons that aren’t listed on this Application Fee webpage, contact the Graduate Admissions office (

Categories of Admission

Applicants admitted to graduate studies at the University of Delaware will be granted admission status in one of the following categories:

Regular status is offered to applicants who meet all established entrance requirements, who have a record of high scholarship in their fields of specialization and who have the ability, interest and maturity necessary for successful study at the graduate level in a degree program.

Applicants who file an application during the final year of undergraduate or current graduate work and are unable to submit complete official transcripts showing the conferral of the degree will be admitted pending conferral of the degree if records are otherwise satisfactory and complete. Failure to provide official test scores and documents showing degree conferral by the first day of classes may result in revocation of admission to the graduate program.

Provisional status is offered to applicants who are seeking admission to a degree program but lack specific prerequisites outlined in the Universtiy of Delaware degree requirements. All provisional requirements must be met within the deadline given before regular status can be granted. Failure to meet the provisions by this deadline is grounds for dismissal from the program. Students admitted with provisional status to a degree program are generally not eligible for assistantships nor fellowships.

Applicants who wish to earn graduate credit but do not intend to earn a graduate degree at the University of Delaware may be admitted with non-degree graduate status. Admission with non-degree status implies no commitment by the University or the graduate program about later admission as a regular student. Such applicants must submit official college transcripts. International applicants must submit official proof of English proficiency such as TOEFL or IELTS scores.

Non-degree students are not required to follow course sequences, but they are held to the same academic standards as are other graduate students. This status is valid for a stated limited time. The student must complete an admission application to be considered for regular status. Earned graduate credit may or may not be accepted if the student’s classification is changed to regular status. In general, graduate credit must fit into an approved program of study and all credits must have been completed within the appropriate time limit.

Non-degree students taking classes under cooperative agreements must submit a letter from their home institution, typically from their graduate dean or registrar, certifying that they are graduate students in good standing at another institution. Such letters will be accepted in lieu of the transcripts that are required of other non-degree applicants.

Cost of Attendance

In addition to tuition, there are other fees that apply to enrolled students. The current cost of attendance is broken down on the table below.

2024-2025 Graduate Rates

The University of Delaware published graduate student tuition base rate for graduate credit in 2024-25 is $1,069 per credit hour. Some programs have higher or lower rates based on various factors, including competitive market research and demonstrated success as their existing price point. Graduate tuition rates are listed with each program and can be found through the program search tool on the Graduate Programs page.

Graduate students' fees will depend on their enrollment and other information.

Indirect Cost Loan Allowances per Semester

Traditional Student

Online Student

These amounts, in addition to net tuition and fee charges, represent maximum borrowing eligibility for graduate students interested in borrowing student loans to cover expenses during enrollment.

Living Expenses



Books, Course Materials, Supplies, and Equipment


$50 per credit

Additional info on tuition rates and fees can be found in the Graduate Catalog.