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The full 2022-23 recruiting plans will be announced over the summer.

Typically we attend the following conferences:

  • Society of Women Engineers
  • National Society of Black Physicists
  • Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers
  • Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics
  • Black Doctoral Network Fair
  • National Society of Black Engineers

University of Delaware Graduate Education by the Numbers

As a leader in research and scholarship, the University of Delaware is proud of its strong legacy of innovation and powerful pursuit of knowledge. With renowned faculty and academics, including top-ranked graduate programs in public affairs, education, engineering, nursing, business and physical therapy—No. 1 in the nation—UD attracts ambitious students and scholars who are tackling the most pressing societal issues of our time.

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The College of Agriculture and Natural Resources (CANR) is an educationally rich environment bursting with life and learning, where students are invited and encouraged to be full partners in their education. We strongly encourage our students to question, discuss and develop the expertise necessary to formulate solutions to real-world challenges in whatever career they pursue.

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The College of Arts and Sciences is the intellectual and cultural heart of the University of Delaware. We emphasize both the enduring value of a liberal education and the importance of cultivating new and emerging fields of knowledge and artistic expression. Members of our college are dedicated artists, scholars, scientists and professionals who teach, mentor and advise while creating new knowledge. We foster excellence in scholarship, creative work and public service, educating students to be thoughtful, ethical and engaged leaders. We offer broad and balanced undergraduate, graduate and professional education programs. We also engage with local, national and global communities to understand and address their needs, and to share the insights and results of our academic and creative work.

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There are over 70 degrees offered by the College of Arts and Sciences and we encourage you to look at all of the options available.

Lerner boasts top faculty, innovative programs, hands-on experience and career-changing opportunity.

Lerner students – graduate and undergraduate – receive an experience-driven business education utilizing evidence-based analytic methods across departments and accredited degree programs.

Lerner meets the changing needs of students, employers and the global economy. Join our thriving community of nearly 4,000 students, 140 tenured and tenure-track faculty and alumni network of more than 30,000 Blue Hens.

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CEOE brings the latest advances in technology to bear on both teaching and conducting ocean, earth and atmospheric research. We strive to educate well-rounded scientists and policy specialists with the broad vision needed to address today’s global problems.

Concerns such as climate change, globalization and migration, marine pollution, watershed degradation, energy independence, and fisheries decline are at the heart of our work at CEOE. Meeting these challenges often demands expertise in several disciplines, and our curriculum and research portfolio reflect this reality.

Our distinguished faculty includes members of the National Academy of Sciences, the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the National Academy of Engineering, the National Association of Geology Teachers, the Archaeological Institute of America, Society of Exploration Geophysicists, a Presidential Faculty Fellow, a Fulbright Scholar, and several University named professors.

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There are over 10 degrees offered by the College of Arts and Sciences and we encourage you to look at all of the options available.

Our college is dedicated to finding answers to the problems that confront our schools and to developing solutions to the challenges faced by children, youth and families around the world.

Our faculty and staff, who serve as teachers, researchers, mentors and advisors, challenge our students to become highly skilled professionals in the fields of education and human services.

We set high standards, allowing our students to start strong and finish strong. By integrating classwork with extensive field experience, our students are given the knowledge and tools to positively affect children and families, locally, nationally and around the globe.

Our graduates have the opportunity to become the next generation of leaders – teachers, parent educators, early interventionists, directors of family and community services agencies – all skilled professionals who will make a positive difference in the lives of children, adults and families.

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There are over 15 degrees offered by the College of Education and Human Development, with a variety of specializations, and we encourage you to look at all of the options available.

The College of Engineering is home to seven academic departments devoted to building a community of problem-solvers focused on challenges associated with sustainability, energy, health care and the environment.

Our internationally recognized faculty includes named professors, National Academy of Engineering members, NSF and DOD faculty career and young investigator award winners, and University teaching award recipients. World-renowned initiatives led by college faculty include college-based research centers and university-based research centers and institutes, all of which provide a fertile training ground for future engineers.

Strategic partnerships with industry, government and academic institutions complement these initiatives, expanding the college’s reach and cultivating a culture of interdisciplinary collaboration, leadership and entrepreneurship among future engineers. Our graduates are leaders in academia and industry alike.

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There are over 40 degrees offered by the College of Engineering and we encourage you to look at all of the options available.

Within the University of Delaware College of Health Sciences, research provides an evidence-based foundation for the education of the next generation of thought leaders and healthcare professionals.

The College of Health Sciences is also a place where partnerships play a key role in promoting health research and education. High-quality undergraduate and graduate programs, research seed grant programs, and clinical research projects enable us to provide our students with rich classroom, laboratory and clinical experiences.

Our many programs and six departments encompass a broad and dynamic collection of specialties. In each of our programs we create an experience that shapes changes in practice based on scientific evidence. Our approach is to translate our strong platform in interdisciplinary science into health practices, therapies and interventions that result in immediate improvements in people’s lives.

Our students receive early immersion into practice settings and our faculty’s world-class research programs. As a result, our graduates are well prepared to pursue careers in various health professions, as well as to continue their education in one of the medical fields or enter a field of graduate study to pursue scientific investigation. Our ultimate goal is to help our students excel in their chosen profession in the arena of health.

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The school was established in 1961 and became one of the nation’s first university centers focused on the challenges of urban America. Since then, the Biden School of Public Policy and Administration has grown to become a nationally and internationally recognized leader in public affairs education while maintaining high standards for research and public service.

The school employs the “Delaware model,” which combines excellence in the classroom with a focus on substantive real-world experiential learning. Our faculty, staff and students work directly with the diverse communities we serve, learn from them as we apply our knowledge and research to their challenges, and constantly refine our solutions to form a bridge between the community of ideas and the community of action.

Consistent with our founding principles, all of our programs are distinctively interdisciplinary and applied. The challenges of our times are not neatly bundled in disciplinary packages — they must be approached from multiple, creative vantage points

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    Article by College of Earth, Ocean and Environment Staff | June 07, 2023

    New study finds that rhetoric about ‘underfishing’ in U.S. waters may be misguided

  • An exceptional match

    Article by Andrew Sharp | June 01, 2023

    Couple from India found what they were looking for in UD and Lerner College

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    Article by Dante LaPenta | May 31, 2023

    UD professor and grad student investigate the cost of lesser mealworm on farmers’ bottom line

  • Pushing boundaries

    Article by Karen B. Roberts | May 17, 2023

    University leadership celebrates campus inventors

  • Computation and crochet

    Article by Beth Miller | May 24, 2023

    UD Professor Jodi Hadden-Perilla to use NSF Award for virus studies, assistive technology for the blind, crochet for all

  • Fostering inquiry and innovation

    Article by Karen B. Roberts | May 25, 2023

    15 UD students, alumni awarded 2023 NSF Graduate Research Fellowship