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The College of Earth, Ocean and Environment (CEOE) at the University of Delaware is dedicated to advancing the understanding of our planet’s natural systems, from plate tectonics and turbulent hurricanes to historic coastal estuaries and the deepest reaches of the ocean.

Join us as we discover our world and strive to create a vibrant future for all those who share it.

Students gathering water samples for research
Student examining an object under a microscope
Geography classroom with professor and students

UD College of Earth, Ocean and Enviornment impacts the world: youtube.com/watch?v=4jx4iMfBX2Q

Hands-on learning

Our faculty, researchers, and students are always asking big questions. Determined and curious, they seek answers in the field: aboard research vessels, hiking in marshes, combing beaches and diving underwater.

Where will your ideas take you?

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As a student at CEOE, you will enjoy state-of-the-art learning experiences both within the classroom and out in the field, developing skills needed for today’s job market.

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UD alum Bryan Keller pictured with an AUV
Prof. Kim Oremus poses next to a monitor displaying data on fisheries management

Discover the Latest Science

Relying on a collaborative, multidisciplinary approach, CEOE researchers tackle complex problems across earth, ocean and environmental topics.

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Make an impact

It takes just one person to make a difference. Become a part of the vibrant community of volunteers, scholars and scientists at one of the world’s leading marine research and education programs. 

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Members of the public watch a science demonstration during Coast Day 2019

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Engaging communities in offshore wind projects