Side view of the Hugh R. Sharp, UD's premiere research vessel


The study of environmental, earth and ocean systems is a vital part of ensuring a healthy future for our planet and all its inhabitants. Each department in the College of Earth, Ocean and Environment (CEOE) provides exemplary instruction with the goal of preparing students for a meaningful career in education, research, business, or government service.

Professor Jessica Warren and a graduate student examine olivine under a microscope

Department of Earth Sciences

Studying the planet, the processes that change our landscapes, the history of life and the interactions between environment and society.

Department of Geography & Spatial Sciences

Examining the physical properties of the natural environment and the role human beliefs, activities and decision-making have in shaping the world around us.

Environmental conditions lecture with Delaware temperature maps on display
Photo of UD Lewes campus, with turbine in background

School of Marine Science & Policy

Advancing knowledge and education critical to the understanding, stewardship and conservation of estuarine, coastal and ocean environments.