Department Directory

Faculty colleagues work on a research project to correlate raindrop size to forest ecology.


Below you will find information about how to contact our department faculty members, postdoctoral researchers, graduate students and staff. Each faculty member has a link to a profile page listing their research interests, appointments and more information. You can also browse the department's research focus areas or the college's research themes and find faculty who work in each area there.


Saleem Ali

Saleem Ali

Department Chair, Blue and Gold Distinguished Professor of Energy and the Environment
John Callahan

John A. Callahan

Visiting Assistant Professor
Kyle Davis

Kyle Davis

Assistant Professor
Tracy DeLiberty

Tracy DeLiberty

Associate Professor
Jing Gao

Jing Gao

Assistant Professor of Geospatial Data Science
Cathleen Geiger

Cathleen Geiger

Research Associate Professor
Brian Hanson

Brian Hanson

Yao Hu

Yao Hu

Assistant Professor
Paul Jackson

Paul S. B. Jackson

Assistant Professor
Portrait of Julie Klinger

Julie Klinger

Assistant Professor
Daniel J. Leathers

Daniel J. Leathers

Professor and Meteorology & Climatology Director
David R. Legates

David R. Legates

Delphis F. Levia

Delphis F. Levia

Pinki Mondal

Pinki Mondal

Assistant Professor
Lindsay Naylor

Lindsay Naylor

Associate Professor and Graduate Director
Sara Rauscher

Sara Rauscher

Associate Professor
Dana E. Veron

Dana E. Veron

Associate Professor and Director, Gerard J. Mangone Climate Change Science and Policy Hub

Joint Appointments

portrait of Cristina Archer

Cristina L. Archer

portrait of A. R. Siders

A. R. Siders

Assistant Professor
  • John Byrne, Director, Center for Energy and Environmental Policy
  • Jerry Kauffman, Director, Water Resources Center
  • Terrianne Lavin, Physical Geography Teaching Professor, Geography and Atmospheric Sciences, University of Kansas
  • Holly Michael, Professor, Department of Earth Sciences
  • Matt Oliver, Professor, School of Marine Science and Policy
  • Michael O'Neal, Professor, Department of Earth Sciences
  • Jim Pizzuto, Professor, Department of Earth Sciences
  • Georgina Ramsay, Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology
  • Andrea Sarzynski, Associate Professor, Biden School of Public Policy and Administration
  • Tony Seraphin, Associate Professor, Department of Mathematical Sciences
  • Rodrigo Vargas, Associate Professor, Department of Plant and Soil Sciences
  • Edmunds Bunkse
  • Frederick E. Nelson
  • Thomas Meierding
  • Peter W. Rees
  • Yda Schreuder
  • April Veness
  • Cort J. Willmott
Name Email Phone
Priyanka Yaddav
Name Advisor Email
Anish Adhikari Jing Gao
Nouman Ahmed Cristina Archer
Matthieu Ahouangbenon Pinki Mondal
Emily Aiken Sara Rauscher
Humayoun Akram
Saleem Ali
Hanan Abou Ali Kyle Davis
Eric Allen Dana Veron
Mehmet Altingoz Saleem Ali
James Blount Tracy DeLiberty
Saber Brasher Dan Leathers
Nicholas Butler Dan Leathers
Jeffrey Chang Delphis Levia
Brian Frei Dana Veron
Kathryn Giesa Sara Rauscher
Israt Jahan Tracy DeLiberty
Bhoktear Mahbub Khan Kyle Davis
Nari Kim Paul Jackson
Qiuxi Li Saleem Ali
Yao Li Tracy DeLiberty
Brian Lowe Dana Veron
Loonibha Manandhar Jing Gao
Piyush Mehta Kyle Davis
Kopo Oromeng Saleem Ali
Kevin Orzada Tracy DeLiberty
Tyler Sharretts Kyle Davis
Mojtaba Shokrollahi Moghani Cristina Archer
Walker Skeeter Dan Leathers
Nathan Thayer Lindsay Naylor
Matthew Walter Pinki Mondal
Dongyang Wei Kyle Davis
Vishruta Yawatkar Pinki Mondal
Name Title Email Phone
Kevin Brinson Director, DEOS 302-831-6906
Christina Callahan Assoc Director, DEMAC 302-831-6581
April English Administrative Assistant II 302-831-2294
Christopher Hughes Research Associate III 302-831-4842
David Huntley Research Associate II 302-831-0789
Sandra Raymond Business Administrator I 302-831-2294
James Simkins Applications Programmer I 302-831-3907
Patricia Syvrud Limited Term Researcher 302-831-8998