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School of Marine
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School of Marine Science and Policy (SMSP) is committed to advancing knowledge critical to the understanding, stewardship, and conservation of estuarine, coastal and ocean environments. An internationally-recognized faculty and multidisciplinary curriculum offers SMSP students exciting opportunities in the classroom, lab and beyond.


Student Spotlight


SMSP undergraduate student Audrey Ostroski interns in the Sea Turtle Research and Conservation Program at Mote Marine Laboratory and Aquarium in Sarasota, Florida.

“It was the craziest experience. I’ve dove with sea turtles before, but I’ve never gotten to see the whole process of the nest making and the egg laying.”

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Undergraduate student riding ATV on beach
Students posing with a UD flag underwater


Majoring in Marine Science

If you want to understand life on Earth, you have to understand the ocean. Not only are most living creatures actually in the ocean that covers two-thirds of the planet, but many of Earth’s major processes are also connected to its physical properties. Studying marine science at UD, you will learn marine biology, oceanography, geology, and other related sciences, as well as policy and environmental management.


Marine Science at UD


Sturgeon warning system

New tool allows UD researchers to inform local fishers, resource managers on avoiding the endangered species

Technology metals at home

UD’s Saleem Ali discusses how technology metals play a pivotal role in allowing work from home

Fishing in African waters

New study utilizes satellite data to track industrial fishing activities in coastal African waters

Great White feeding ground

New study examines the presence of Great White Sharks in a previously unreported location

UD marine scientist joins NOAA

Letise LaFeir talks about her role as a senior adviser at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration



3-D printed coral reef models

New research by the University of Delaware’s Danielle Dixson and UD alumnus Emily Ruhl has shown that 3D-printed objects do not impact the behavior of coral-associated damselfish or the survival of a settling stony coral. 



Conserving Atlantic Sturgeon

Learn about other research areas in the department or check out our full list of faculty to explore their research interests.

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