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Highlight on undergraduate research

University of Delaware undergraduate Rachel Roday discovered several opportunities to conduct research as she earned her bachelor's degree. She spent a summer on UD's Hugh R. Sharp Campus in Lewes, DE researching sharks with two faculty members. Later, she assisted on a research cruise in the Arctic to study the impacts of light on zooplankton. Learn more about opportunities for undergraduates >

Imagery of Jonathan Cohen, assoc. prof in CEOE's School of Marine Science and Policy:

Students on the beach during UD Abroad program in the Cayman Islands

Study Abroad


Students from many majors can join our study abroad programs. CEOE programs have traveled to New Zealand, Mexico, Bermuda, the Cayman Islands, Australia, Fiji, Barbados, and many other places. These trips explore the geographic, marine, geological, biological, chemical and cultural environments of the destinations.

Semester-in-Residence Program

The Semester-in-Residence Program is an intensive residential research experience for undergraduate science majors. Those students participating in the program live, work and study on the Hugh R. Sharp Campus in Lewes during the fall semester. The program is designed to provide undergraduate students the opportunity to explore marine studies through introductory graduate level classes and research. Students take a full schedule of field and lecture classes, along with conducting research.

The Semester-in-Residence Program is available to students for Fall or Spring semesters, as well as the full academic year. 

Educational Cruise on the R/V Hugh R. Sharp:

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