CEOE People


Tracy DeLiberty

Deputy Dean

Mark Dobbins

Business Officer

Paul Dumigan

Director, College Computing Operations

Wei-Jun Cai

Associate Dean for Research and Mary A.S. Lighthipe Chair of Earth, Ocean, and Environment

Kelli Kerbawy

Senior Assistant Dean for Student Services

Academic Unit Leaders

Saleem Ali

Department Chair, Blue and Gold Distinguished Professor of Energy and the Environment

Katharina Billups

Director, School of Marine Science and Policy

John A. Madsen

Chair, Department of Earth Sciences

Affiliated Program Leaders

Joanna York

Associate Professor; Director, Delaware Sea Grant College Program

David Wunsch

Director, Delaware Geological Survey


Our faculty, staff and graduate students are listed on their respective academic departments.


Name Title Email Phone
Valerie Yancy
Academic Advisor 302-831-8062
Name Title Email Phone
Janice Brown Academic Support Coordinator 302-831-8062
Ingrid Miller
Administrative Assistant
Julie Purcell Assistant to the Dean 302-831-2841
Name Title Email Phone
John Kerber Manager, College Facilities N/A
Name Title Email Phone
Christopher Antonio Grants Analyst II N/A
Amanda Burns Manager, Financial Services N/A
Heather Gordon Sr. Grants Analyst N/A
Lori Hans Financial Analyst I,
Delaware Sea Grant Finance Officer 302-831-8283
Margaret Jarrell Sponsored Programs Coordinator 302-831-8182
Dana Keresty Grants Analyst II N/A
Kyungae Kim Financial Analyst II 302-831-2031
Lisa Ridenour Manager, Grant Administration 302-831-4100
Juanita (Nita) Richards Grants Analyst I N/A
Martie Sturtevant Grants Analyst 302-831-2599
Name Title Email Phone
Timothy Brown Computing Support Specialist II 302-831-1139
Fernanda Velasquez Web, Database and Applications Programmer 302-645-4274
Ava Stratton Computing Support Specialist I 302-831-2672
Carl Wright Computing Support Specialist I 302-645-4030
Name Title Email Phone
Christopher Petrone MAS Extension Director 302-645-4308
David Christopher Marine Education 302-645-4193
Edward Hale Fisheries, Seafood and Aquaculture 302-645-4060
Brittany Haywood Coastal Ecology Specialist 302-831-7005
Ed Lewandowski Sustainable Coastal Communities 302-645-4253
Emily Maung-Douglass Urban Watershed Specialist 302-831-6236
Dennis McIntosh Aquaculture, Delaware State University Faculty 302-857-6456
Danielle Swallow Coastal Hazards 302-645-4258
Edward Whereat Water Quality 302-645-4252
Name Title Email Phone
Lauren Bradford
Communications Director N/A
Tamara Beeson Art Director 302-831-0525
Kevin Liedel Digital Communications Specialist 302-831-1747
Adam Thomas Communications Specialist II 302-831-6427

Delaware Sea Grant College Program

Name Title Email Phone
Christian Hauser Associate Director 302-831-8087
Alyssa Campbell Fisheries & Aquaculture Laboratory Coordinator 609-661-9239
Emily Rodden Resilient Urban Ecosystems Research Associate 302-831-3058
Emma Ruggiero Workforce Development Coordinator 215-863-1432

Scientific Committee on Oceanic Research

Name Title Email Phone
Patricia Miloslavich Executive Director 302-831-7011

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