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Scuba at UD

Take a deep dive into marine education

Looking to get your feet wet? Take your classroom to the water and experience scuba classes at UD, where students experience open-water scuba instruction that includes both lectures and pool sessions. Discover everything from the origins of scuba diving and how it has evolved through time, to how to properly use scuba equipment and dive. Pool sessions of the class begin in the shallow end, and, through the course of the semester, students work their way up to scuba diving in the deep end. Learn more about the options available below!


The University of Delaware offers three scuba classes for students of all ages. To learn more and register for any of the classes below, visit the UD Course Catalog and type "Scuba" into the search bar.

There is nothing like the first time you’re in a situation where you get the click of neutral buoyancy. The whole experience of weightlessness, the freedom of it, it’s an incredible feeling.

- Michael Birns Diving Safety Officer and Scuba Instructor