Masters students in a College of Earth, Ocean, and Environment course titled "Offshore Wind Power: Science, Engineering and Policy" (MAST628) on a site visit to the first commercial offshore wind farm in the United States

Prospective Students

What better place to solve some of the world’s greatest problems than at the University of Delaware’s College of Earth, Ocean and Environment?

At CEOE, we provide students with invaluable experiential learning both in the field and with state-of-the-art classroom technology. CEOE majors develop skills that are in high demand in today's job market, including Geographic Information Systems (GIS), data analysis, coding, statistics and more. From the Arctic’s frozen tundra to the coral reefs in Bermuda, students in CEOE truly get a global learning experience. 

Undergraduate Programs

●  Coastal and Marine Geoscience

●  Geography

●  Earth Sciences

●  Human Dimensions of Climate Change

●  Marine Science

●  Meteorology

Students in any major, whether in CEOE or another UD college, can earn the Eco-Entrepreneurship Certificate through Horn Entrepreneurship. Use your UD education to not only learn about environmental challenges, but also come up with solutions!

Learn more about our undergraduate programs or contact Kelli Kerbawy.

Kelli Kerbawy

Senior Assistant Dean for Student Services

Office Location:
101B Robinson Hall
Newark, DE 19716-1304

Graduate Programs

●  Climatology (Ph.D.)

●  Environmental Economics (M.S., Ph. D.)

●  Environmental Science and Management (M.S.)

●  Geography (M.A., M.S., Ph.D.)

●  Earth Sciences (M.S., Ph.D.)

●  Marine BioSciences (M.S., Ph.D.)

●  Marine Policy (M.M.P., M.M.P./J.D., Ph.D.)

●  Oceanography (M.S., Ph.D.)

●  Physical Ocean Science and Engineering (M.S., Ph.D.)

●  Water Science and Policy (M.S., Ph.D.)

The Offshore Wind Skills Academy provides training for professionals from traditional energy industries, supply chain companies, regulators, investors, consultants and any others wanting an in-depth knowledge of the offshore wind energy industry.

Learn more about our graduate programs or contact Kelli Kerbawy, Assistant Dean for Graduate Services.

Kelli Kerbawy

Senior Assistant Dean for Student Services

Office Location:
101B Robinson Hall
Newark, DE 19716-1304

"I came to UD for its marine science program. There are other schools that had similar programs, but the semester-in-residence is one thing that drew me in.”

School of Marine Science & Policy

SMSP student Rucha Wani standing on deck of ship
Students cheering in crowd during football game

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