GIS Certificate

GIS Certificate program classroom

Geographic Information Science (GIS)

The GIS Certificate is designed for working professionals aspiring to leadership positions in the field and wishing to obtain a certificate of GIS specialization.  

Whether you are seeking to improve your technical skillset, OR looking to advance your geographical problem solving and spatial thinking, the University of Delaware Department of Geography and Spatial Sciences has a variety of GIS courses, a Graduate GIS Certificate program, and graduate degree programs (MA, MS, and PhD) that can help you meet your goals.

Our Graduate GIS Certificate entails 12 graduate credit hours of GIS, including one required core course in Geographic Information Science (Geog670), and 9 elective GIS course credits.  

Our GIS courses and degree programs provide students with the theoretical foundation and practical skill sets that can be applied to any research or study that uses geographic data.  Besides geography, other disciplines that use GIS include marine studies, geology, engineering, agricultural sciences, and the social sciences. Whether acquiring the Graduate GIS Certificate or taking individual GIS courses, getting adequate professional training will make a student highly competitive in today‚Äôs job market.

For additional information, please contact the Director of the GIS Certificate Program, Dr. Tracy DeLiberty (, 302-831-2294)