UD geography students are using high-resolution satellite images to update geographic maps of Kathmandu, Nepal.

Department of
Geography &
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The Department of Geography and Spatial Sciences (GSS) has nationally and internationally recognized faculty who are engaged in cutting-edge research and offer exciting educational opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate students.

GSS provides a unique perspective that seeks to explain patterns of differences and commonality across the human and natural environment. In the Department, students examine the physical properties of the natural environment and the role that human beliefs, activities and decision-making have in shaping the world around us.

Academic Programs


Geography (M.A. or M.S.)
Water Science and Policy (M.S.)

Mapping competition

2020 Inaugural Student Competition for Geospatial Data Visualization and Map Design

The deadline for the Department of Geography and Spatial Sciences and the UD Data Science Institute's university-wide competition for achievements in the art and science of mapping geospatial data has passed. Stay tuned for winner details and a gallery of the results.


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Students and instructor in a geospatial mapping class
Pearson Hall classroom with students using laptops.


GIScience & Environmental Data Analytics major

Geographic Information Science (GIScience) is the analysis and mapping of large geospatial data sets to better understand the world around us. GIScience allows us to harness the large amounts of data being collected today for the betterment of the environment and society. This major will help you develop in-demand skills, including managing and using large geospatial and environmental data sets, finding meaningful patterns in them, representing their complexity in graphs and tables, and distilling and presenting the coherent and logical stories they tell.

GIScience  major


Peak grain

Aquifer depletion on parts of the U.S. High Plains jeopardizes grain production

Water cycle concerns

World leading scientists put a spotlight on the risks of homogenization of the terrestrial water cycle

Studying diamond mining in India

Master’s student provided policy recommendations to protect environment, artisanal workers’ livelihoods

For the Record, Aug. 21, 2020

University community reports recent appointments, publications, honors

Tropical forest loss

New UD study shows that tropical forest loss is enhanced by large-scale land acquisitions



 UD student Rebecca King toured one of Russia’s cathedrals.

Senior geography and Russian double major Rebecca King becomes first UD student to receive Critical Language Scholarship and Boren Award.



UD Master's student researches risk in the mushroom industry

Learn about other research areas in the department or check out our full list of faculty to explore their research interests.

UD Master's student researches risk in the mushroom industry: youtube.com/watch?v=BvOoOM5k12A