GSS Careers

instructor at front of classroom with students in front of computers showing GIS software

Interested in a career in geography?

This list contains some of the focus areas and positions geography majors pursue.


Area Specialist

International Business Representative

Travel Agent

Environmental Manager

Forestry Technician

Park Ranger

Hazardous-Waste Planner

Data Analysis

Environmental Hazards

Financial Markets  

Food Security 

Homeland Security 

Photogrammetry & Cartography

Remote-Sensing Analyst


Urban Planning

Water Security

Urban and Community Planner

Transportation Planner

Health Services Planner

Location Expert

Market Researcher

Traffic Manager (Shipper)/Route Delivery Manager

Real Estate Agent/Broker/Appraiser

Elementary/Secondary School Teacher

College Professor

Overseas Teacher

Weather Forecaster

Outdoor Guide

Coastal Zone Manager

Soil Conservationist/Agricultural Extension Agent Hydrologist

Peace Corps Volunteer

Community Developer

Map Librarian

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