GSS Careers

Interested in a career in geography? The list below contains some of the focus areas and positions geography majors pursue. You can also find more information about work after graduation at the UD Careers website, or check out the college's career resources page for current opportunities.   

Careers in geography

Area Specialist

International Business Representative

Travel Agent

Environmental Manager

Forestry Technician

Park Ranger

Hazardous-Waste Planner

Data Analysis

Environmental Hazards

Financial Markets  

Food Security 

Homeland Security 

Photogrammetry & Cartography

Remote-Sensing Analyst


Urban Planning

Water Security

Urban and Community Planner

Transportation Planner

Health Services Planner

Location Expert

Market Researcher

Traffic Manager (Shipper)/Route Delivery Manager

Real Estate Agent/Broker/Appraiser

Elementary/Secondary School Teacher

College Professor

Overseas Teacher

Weather Forecaster

Outdoor Guide

Coastal Zone Manager

Soil Conservationist/Agricultural Extension Agent Hydrologist

Peace Corps Volunteer

Community Developer

Map Librarian

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