Mentorship Program for Graduate Students

Professional development program

Members of the CEOE Dean’s Advisory Council have agreed to serve as mentors for select graduate students who are looking for an opportunity to develop an external mentorship relationship with a professional affiliated with the College of Earth, Ocean, and Environment. CEOE Alumni Mentors have a proven record of professional experience in a variety of scientific fields and/or sectors of employment such as industry, academia, non-profit agencies, and government agencies at all levels. Stay tuned for updates on the mentoring program!

Program Expectations

The mentor and the mentee will meet virtually at least once per month but more if both parties are able and agreeable.  Virtual meeting options can include zoom, skype, go-to-meeting, or phone calls and should be scheduled in advance.

The DAC Mentor will initiate the first meeting. During this initial meeting, goals and expectations shall be established.

Discussion topics and possible interactions should include, but are not limited to: career development, navigating the advisor/student relationship, networking, tips for interviewing, updates on research project progress and advice about research, searching for grant and fellowship opportunities, etc.

The Mentor/Mentee pairing will last for at least one year with an annual check in from the Assistant Dean for Graduate Services prior to the end of the first year to understand if the relationship should continue in a formal capacity beyond one year.

There will be regular check points with the participants throughout the year and a formal evaluation of the program and pairing at the end of the year.