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Faculty member Matt Oliver shows a Delaware fisher how to use his sturgeon predictor app


Below you will find information about out to contact our department faculty members, postdoctoral researchers, graduate students and staff. Each faculty member has a link to a profile page listing their research interests, appointments and more information. You can also browse the department's research focus areas or the college's research themes to find faculty who work in each area.


portrait of Cristina Archer

Cristina L. Archer


Jennifer F. Biddle

Associate Professor

Katharina Billups


Anna Birkenbach

Assistant Professor
Wei-Jun Cal - College of Earth, Ocean & Environment

Wei-Jun Cai

Mary A.S. Lighthipe Professor

Aaron Carlisle

Assistant Professor

Jonathan Cohen

Associate Professor
Jim Corbett - College of Earth, Ocean & Environment

James Corbett

portrait of Kathy Coyne

Kathryn Coyne

Director, Delaware Sea Grant College Program
Danielle Dixson - College of Earth, Ocean & Environment

Danielle Dixson

Associate Professor
Jeremy Firestone - Wind Energy

Jeremy M. Firestone

Professor and Director, Center for Research in Wind
portrait of Tom Hanson

Thomas Hanson

portrait of Pablo Huq

I. Pablo Huq

Associate Professor

Willett Kempton

Tobias Kukulka

Tobias Kukulka

Associate Professor
Miling Li

Mi-Ling Li

Assistant Professor of Environmental Chemistry and Toxicology
Yun Li, Earth, Ocean & Environment

Yun Li

Assistant Professor

Xinfeng Liang

Assistant Professor
Geroge Luther

George Luther

Maxwell P. and Mildred H. Harrington Professor of Marine Studies
Adam Marsh

Adam G. Marsh

Associate Professor

Carlos Moffat

Assistant Professor
portrait of Mark Moline

Mark A. Moline

Director, School of Marine Science and Policy
portrait of Andreas Muenchow

Andreas Muenchow

portrait of Matt Oliver

Matthew Oliver

Patricia and Charles Robertson Distinguished Professor of Marine Science and Policy
Kimberly Oremus

Kimberly Oremus

Assistant Professor
George Parsons - College of Earth, Ocean & Environment

George Parsons

E.I. DuPont Professor
portrait of James Rising in front of bookshelf

James Rising

Assistant Professor
portrait of Christian Schwarz

Christian Schwarz

Assistant Professor
portrait of Suni Shah Walter on a research vessel

Sunita Shah Walter

Assistant Professor
Carolyn Thoroughgood

Carolyn Thoroughgood


Arthur Trembanis

portrait of Bill Ullman

William Ullman

portrait of Fabrice Veron

Fabrice Veron

Deputy Dean, College of Earth, Ocean and Environment
photo of Mark Warner in sunglasses in front of blue water and sky

Mark E. Warner

Andrew Wozniak

Andrew Wozniak

Assistant Professor

Xiao-Hai Yan

Mary A.S. Lighthipe Professor of Marine Studies

Joanna York

Associate Professor

Joint Appointments

Chandranath Basak, Earth Sciences

Chandranath Basak

Research Assistant Professor
portrait of Ed Hale

Ed Hale

Assistant Professor and Marine Advisory Service Specialist

Holly Michael

Professor, Unidel Fraser Russell Career Development Chair for the Environment
Publicity Photo of James Pizzuto

James Pizzuto

Dana E. Veron

Dana E. Veron

Associate Professor
  • Clara Chan, Associate Professor, Department of Geological Sciences
  • Pamela Green, Unidel Crawford H. Greenewalt Chair Professor of Plant Molecular Biology, Department of Plant and Soil Sciences
  • Helga Huntley, Assistant Professor, Rowan University
  • Julia Maresca, Associate Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Kent Messer, Director of the Center for Experimental & Applied Economics, Department of Applied Economics and Statistics
  • K. Eric Wommack, Deputy Dean, College of Agriculture & Natural Resources
  • Lee Anderson
  • Tom Church
  • Stephen Dexter
  • Charles Epifanio
  • Pat Gaffney
  • David Kirchman
  • Denny Kirwan
  • Victor Klemas
  • Jonathan Sharp
  • Timothy Targett
  • Ferris Webster
Name Phone Email
Matthew Breece 302-645-4022
Colin Colbourn 574-226-1439
Stephanie Dohner N/A
Ibrahim Farag N/A
Amelia Harrison N/A
Gretchen Johnson N/A
Katie Kalis 302-831-3443
Qian Li 302-831-2471
N Karijjawaththa N Vidyarathna 302-645-4078
Amanda Williams N/A
Rui Zhao 302-831-8043
Yingli Zhu 302-645-4271
Name Advisor Email
So Hyun Bae Andreas Muenchow
Weiyang Bao Carlos Moffat
Timothy Bateman Mark E. Warner
Christina Baughan Jennifer F. Biddle
Alexa Bennett Thomas Hanson
Samantha Bingaman Jeremy M. Firestone
Hayden Boettcher Jonathan Cohen
Amy Bosteels Carolyn Thoroughgood
Malique Bowen Jennifer Biddle
Richard Bowers Willett Kempton  
Jarius Bradley Aaron Carlisle
Jessica Capista Mark Warner
Joy Chakrabartty George Parsons
Nan Chen Xiao-Hai Yan
Brian Cortes George Parsons
Alexis Cunningham Jeremy M. Firestone  
Jessica Dobson Kimberly Oremus
Michael Fajardo Adam G. Marsh
Samuel Fielding George Parsons
Julia Fontana Jonathan Cohen
Benjamin Gallo Jennifer F. Biddle
Hannah-Marie Garcia Jeremy M. Firestone
Maryam Golbazi Cristina L. Archer
Scott Goldberg Danielle Dixson
Stephen Gonski Wei-Jun Cai
Austin (Donald) Grant Thomas Hanson
Justin Guider Sunita Shah Walter
Emily (Emmie) Healey Kathryn Coyne
Lei Huang Xiao-Hai Yan
Minghai Huang Xinfeng Liang
Katherine Hudson Matthew Oliver
Robert Jaquette Fabrice Veron
Shannon Jones Miling Li
Jennifer Joseph Danielle Dixson
Matthew Kahley James Corbett
Katharine Krovetz Arthur Trembanis
Gwen Larson Carlos Moffat
Paul Leingang Danielle Dixson
Andrea Leontiou Aaron Carlisle
Xinyu Li Wei-Jun Cai
Xinyou Lin Xiao-Hai Yan
Chao Liu Xinfeng Liang
Mark Lundine Arthur Trembanis
Robert (Alan) Mason Tobias Kukulka
Kaitlyn McPherran Arthur Trembanis
Lingsheng Meng Xiao-Hai Yan
Grant Otto Arthur Trembanis
Tianyin Ouyang Andrew Wozniak
Zhangxian Ouyang Wei-Jun Cai
Rachel Owrutsky Andrew Wozniak
Li Pan Xinfeng Liang
Sara Parkison Willett Kempton
Ashfaque Rahman I. Pablo Huq
Jennifer Repp Arthur Trembanis
Robert Roose Matthew Oliver
Maria Rucker Carolyn Thoroughgood
Aaron Russell Jeremy M. Firestone
Maria Sabando Plaza Aaron Carlisle
Michael Scaboo Wei-Jun Cai
Devon Scott Aaron Carlisle
Harrison Smith Matthew Oliver
Maria Spadaro Arthur Trembanis
Haowei Sun Xiao-Hai Yan
Todd Thoman Tobias Kukulka
Hunter Tipton Arthur Trembanis
Matthew Vaughan Danielle Dixson
Grant Voirol Matthew Oliver
Lina Wang Xiao-Hai Yan
Xin Wang Carlos Moffat
Xingchi Wang Tobias Kukulka
Yanfei Wang Kathryn Coyne
Zhaojun Wang James Corbett
Richard Wong Aaron Carlisle
Zelun Wu Xiao-Hai Yan
Sicheng (Winston) Wu Cristina L. Archer
Nanqing Zhou Clara Chan
Tianyu Zhou Yun Li
Stephanie Zmina Matthew Oliver
Name Title Phone Email
Kevin Beam Captain, R/V Daiber 302-645-4343
Christopher Bogan Second Mate, R/V Sharp 302-645-4343
Hunter Bunting Ship's Steward, R/V Sharp
Huxley Conner Able Seaman, R/V Sharp
Timothy Deering Manager, Oceanographic Svc. 302-645-4338
Evan Falgowski Second Mate, Small Boat Support 302-645-4343
Christian Kernisan Oceanographic Technician 302-645-4343
Josef Lachmann Maintenance Assistant 302-645-4338
Sean McNulty Chief Mate, R/V Sharp
Herbert North Chief Engineer, R/V Sharp
Jon Swallow Director, Marine Operations 302-396-8565
James Warrington Captain, R/V Sharp
Frank Wyrick Assistant Chief Engineer, R/V Sharp
Name Title Phone Email
Rebecca Cox Administrative Assistant IV 302-831-2336
Alina Ebling Lab Coordinator I 302-645-4266
Andrew Franca Lab Technician 302-645-4267
Joyce Harms Administrative Assistant III 302-645-4292
Najid Hussain Lab Coordinator I 302-831-2471
Matthew Oliver Graduate Director 302-645-4079
Breanna Phulesar Administrative Assistant III 302-831-1587
Bonnie Ram Limited Term Researcher 302-831-8250
Royce Robbins Systems Programmer III 302-377-1257
Joseph Scudlark Assistant Director, Research Facilities Ops. 302-645-4300
Patricia Welch Business Administrator I 302-645-4051
Erik White Research Project Engineer 302-645-4376
Sharon Wiegner Business Administrator II 302-831-6836