SMSP Careers

Alumni from the School of Marine Science and Policy (SMSP) have gone on to various careers, from working in Naval Research Laboratories to overseeing data analytics at facebook. School alumni have started several businesses, also in varied fields including biotech. Earning a degree here, at either the undergraduate or graduate level, sets you up with the skills and knowledge to succeed in your chosen field.

Career resources

Delaware Sea Grant Fellowships Page

Delaware Sea Grant connects graduate students in marine science and policy with a number of prestigious fellowships in federal government, as well as some local opportunities

Marine Careers Resources

Another Sea Grant resource is, which has a great place to start a search for what comes after your degree

Ocean Jobs from SEVENSEAS Media

The Ocean News network posts anywhere from 15-30 new ocean conservation jobs every week with 20,000 views per month

Protected Species Observers (PSOs)

PSOs are responsible for knowing the biology and ecology of local species such as marine mammals (whales, dolphins, and pinnipeds), sea turtles, birds, and even bats. PSOs work on offshore vessels and are subject to specific regulations for each project. PSOs may also observe from small aircraft or land. PSOs monitor and collect detailed data, working within regulatory requirements in the offshore industry, and their tasks include: Accurately identifying marine species and their behaviors; Collecting and cataloging detailed quality data; Providing biological expertise to clients and marine vessel crews, and; Knowing the regulations and guidelines for each specific project (as instructed by their Project Manager)