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Faculty member Holly Michael examines sample in hand of student on Indian River


Below you will find information about how to contact our department faculty members, postdoctoral researchers, graduate students and staff. Each faculty member has a link to a profile page listing their research interests, appointments and more information. You can also browse the department's research focus areas or the college's research themes and find faculty who work in each area there.


Eliot Atekwana - College of Earth, Ocean & Environment

Eliot Atekwana

portrait of Estella Atekwana

Estella Atekwana

Dean, College of Earth, Ocean and Environment
Chandranath Basak, Earth Sciences

Chandranath Basak

Research Assistant Professor

Clara Chan

Associate Professor
Colton Lynner, Earth Sciences

Colton Lynner

Assistant Professor
portrait of John Madsen

John A. Madsen

Interim Chair, Department of Earth Sciences

Ronald E. Martin

Susan McGeary

Susan McGeary

Associate Professor

Holly Michael

Professor, Unidel Fraser Russell Career Development Chair for the Environment
portrait of Claire O'Neal

Claire O'Neal

Visiting Assistant Professor
portrait of Michael O'Neal

Michael A. O’Neal

Publicity Photo of James Pizzuto

James Pizzuto

Publicity Photo of Neil Sturchio

Neil C. Sturchio

Adam Wallace - College of Earth, Ocean & Environment

Adam F. Wallace

Associate Professor
Jessica Warren - Geography

Jessica Warren

Associate Professor
  • Billy P. Glass
  • Robert R. Jordan
  • Peter B. Leavens
  • John F. Wehmiller
Name Email Phone
Jessica Clinton
Anna Paula Soares Cruz 661-246-9558
Kendra Lynn 302-831-0698
Anner Paldor 302-898-9194
Chelsea Peters  
Cecile Prigent 302-831-8230
Abrar Quadery  
Name Advisor Email
Bektur Abdilla Neil Sturchio
Alanoud Mohamed Khalil Ahmed Al Ali Ron Martin
Melinda Bahruth Jessica Warren
Sophie Bodek Jim Pizzuto
Neeshell Bradley-Lewis Michael O'Neal
Joseph Clemens Michael O'Neal
Elizabeth Davis Michael O'Neal
Louis Del Cueto Clara Chan
Katherine Diaz John Madsen
Juan Dominguez Rollan Holly Michael
Ryan Frederiks Holly Michael
Kristina Gardner Ron Martin
Ryan Green John Madsen
Julia Guimond Holly Michael
Tobias Hasse Jim Pizzuto
June Hazewski Adam Wallace
Mary Hingst
Holly Michael
Rene Hoover Clara Chan
Max Huffman Jim Pizzuto
Anne Kelly Jim Pizzuto
Jordan Knuth Clara Chan
Justin Kuntz John Madsen
Kesego Letshele Eliot Atekwana
Christy Li Jim Pizzuto
Kuan-Yu Lin Jessica Warren
Claire MacDonald Michael O'Neal
Catherine Medlock Thomas McKenna
Abigail Nalesnik Jessica Warren
Robert Norville Peter McLaughlin
Osadebamwen Leonard Ohenhen Eliot Atekwana
Desire Piphus Eliot Atekwana
Goabaone Jaqueline Ramatlapeng Eliot Atekwana
Tyler Schmidt Adam Wallace
Mahmoud Sherif Neil Sturchio
William Vincett Ronald Martin, Peter McLaughlin
Chunlei Wang Neil Sturchio
Katherine Wiley Michael O'Neal
Zhongyuan (Tymon) Xu Holly Michael
Rumana Zahir Adam Wallace
Nanqing Zhou Clara Chan
Name Title Email Phone
Cheryl Doherty
Administrative Assistant II
Robin Harbaugh
Business Administrator I
Linnea Heraty
Lab Manager 302-831-8022