Angelia Seyfferth

Department of Plant and Soil Sciences

Angelia L. Seyfferth

Associate Dean of Research
Professor of Biogeochemistry and Plant-Soil Interactions


Office Location:

148 Townsend Hall 
Newark, DE 19716

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  • Postdoc – Soil Biogeochemistry – Stanford University
  • Ph.D. – Soil and Water Sciences – University of California-Riverside
  • B.S. – Environmental Science-Chemistry – Towson University


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The Seyfferth Lab focuses on understanding the soil biogeochemical processes that dictate contaminant and nutrient cycling and uptake by plants. We are particularly interested in how small-scale soil-chemical processes influence contaminant (e.g., As, Cd, Pb) and nutrient (e.g., Si, P, Fe, S) release or attenuation that have large-scale impacts on human and environmental health. A variety of approaches are utilized including the coupling of laboratory experiments (for mechanistic information) and field-based observations to decipher contaminant and nutrient cycling and plant interactions under environmentally-relevant conditions.  We use advanced analytical techniques such as synchrotron X-ray absorption spectroscopy and imaging to unravel the species distributions of contaminants and nutrients in the rhizosphere and in plant tissues, and mechanisms of uptake by plant roots. Ultimately, we conduct basic research that can be applied to benefit society on a local-to-global scale.


Professional activities

  • Member, American Chemical Society
  • Member, American Geophysical Union
  • Member, Association for Women in Science
  • Member, Geochemical Society of America
  • Member, Soil Science Society of America
  • Women in Soil Science