The University of Delaware’s graduate programs have moved toward exclusive use of electronic recommendation submissions. Exceptions can only be authorized by a direct communication from a UD graduate department. Because UD requires the completion of a specific grid of questions by a recommender, we also cannot accept any third-party recommendation service or any individual letters already in the applicant’s possession.

Helpful tips to successfully receive your recommendations

Be sure you have spoken with your recommender first, and obtain his or her preferred email address for use in completing graduate recommendations.

How many recommenders will I need?

The majority of graduate programs at the University of Delaware require three (3) recommenders. You will be prompted to enter the appropriate number of recommenders during the application process.

Can I submit my application before all recommendations have been received?

Yes, you can submit your graduate application before the letters are received. Recommenders are able to submit the online form at any time, regardless of application status.

Can I make changes to my recommenders after my application is submitted?

Applicants can submit changes through the Recommendation Update Form on their Application Status Page. Requests will be sent to the Graduate Admissions office to be processed, and applicants will receive an email confirmation when the change is complete.