Interdisciplinary Neuroscience: Seminars/Events


Wednesday, September 21, 2022

STAR North Atrium
3:15 p.m.: Townhall, 4 p.m.: Seminar, 5 p.m.: Wine & Cheese Reception 

Seminar Speakers

Joshua Neunuebel, Ph.D.

An integrative strategy for revealing how neural circuits encode social information


Joshua Cashaback, Ph.D.

Movement and Machines to Probe the Mind


Evan Usler, Ph.D., MPA

A Motivational Approach to Fluency Disorders

Upcoming Seminars


New Date: TBA:

Ho Ming Chow - Communication and Science Disorders: "The Neurobiology of Developmental Stuttering"

Jen Semrau - Kinesiology and Applied Physiology: “The utility of robotics for upper limb assessment and treatment after stroke”

Jackie Schwarz - Psychological and Brain Sciences: "Developmental Neuroimmunology and Behavior"


New Date: TBA:

Curtis Johnson - Biomedical Engineering: “Mechanical Brain Mapping in Aging and Development with MR Elastography"

Lisha Shao - Biological Sciences: “A neural circuit encoding the sensory experience of copulation in female Drosophila”

Amy Griffin -  Psychological and Brain Sciences: "Examining the role of the thalamus in higher-order cognition"

If you have any questions about these seminars, please contact Sue Castelli.