Interdisciplinary Neuroscience: Faculty

Upcoming Seminars


December 9:

Sheila Keilholz - Georgia Institute of Technology: “Multimodal preclinical imaging of neurophysiological signatures in the BOLD MRI signal”


New Date: TBA:

Ho Ming Chow - Communication and Science Disorders: "The Neurobiology of Developmental Stuttering"

Jen Semrau - Kinesiology and Applied Physiology: “The utility of robotics for upper limb assessment and treatment after stroke”

Jackie Schwarz - Psychological and Brain Sciences: "Developmental Neuroimmunology and Behavior"


New Date: TBA:

Curtis Johnson - Biomedical Engineering: “Mechanical Brain Mapping in Aging and Development with MR Elastography"

Lisha Shao - Biological Sciences: “A neural circuit encoding the sensory experience of copulation in female Drosophila”

Amy Griffin -  Psychological and Brain Sciences: "Examining the role of the thalamus in higher-order cognition"

If you have any questions about these seminars, please contact Cindy King.