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The aim of the Graduate College Newsletter is to showcase the latest news and developments within the University of Delaware Graduate College community. Learning and working alongside exceptional faculty at first-class facilities, our graduate students drive innovative research, exemplify excellence in teaching and gain the knowledge, skills and experience to truly make a difference in the world. We hope the newsletter will serve as a central hub of information and resources that will enable you to achieve your academic, professional and personal pursuits and help you thrive during your time on campus and beyond.

Newsletter Editions
  • Graduate College Newsletter: July 25, 2021

    July 25, 2021 | Distributed by the Graduate College
    Graduate students and summer researchers will have the opportunity to engage with members of various graduate student organizations July 29 and Aug. 3. Location information will be sent upon registration; please bring lunch and a drink. Dessert will be provided to all attendees.
  • Graduate College Newsletter: July 11, 2021

    July 11, 2021 | Distributed by the Graduate College
    A research study that considered the ways popular cultural images of math and mathematicians influence the relationship that young people form with the subject found that students believe mathematicians lack social skills and have no personal lives outside of math.
  • Graduate College Newsletter: June 27, 2021

    June 27, 2021 | Distributed by the Graduate College
    Are you wondering about the post-pandemic, postdoctorate job market? Thinking about a variety of careers when you are done with your postdoctorate? Join us at noon on June 30 for the Careers in Higher Education Administration webinar.