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Graduate Students: Are you looking to gain real-world, hands-on experience in a variety of settings while pursuing your graduate education at UD? Check out job listings on this graduate student job board!


UD Staff, Offices and Units: Are you looking to hire talented graduate students to work with your team? Post a role with the Graduate College! Our professional development team will help promote your opportunities and connect you with UD graduate students.


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First Year Seminar Program

Deadline to apply: April 26, noon

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What to know before applying

Applicants must be enrolled in a graduate program at the University of Delaware and be in good academic standing. In order to be considered for additional on-campus employment, applicants’ combined on-campus employment, including teaching, research and graduate assistantship, must not exceed 29.5 hours per week.

Graduate students on contract may hold additional employment, on campus or off, up to 29.5 hours per week total without approval by the student’s program, the student’s advisor or the Graduate College. However, graduate students on contract are encouraged to discuss additional employment with their advisors to avoid any situations that might hinder timely progress toward the degree.

International graduate students are encouraged to apply and consult International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) before starting the application process to ensure that they meet the U.S. government’s immigration eligibility requirements. 

International students attending the University of Delaware on an F-1 or J-1 student visa are limited by federal regulations to no more than 20 hours of on-campus employment per week, which includes TA, RA or GA appointments and any additional on-campus employment. This means that international students on a full TA, RA or GA appointment are not eligible for additional on-campus work during the fall or spring semester, even if the Graduate College employment policy would otherwise allow it. During winter and summer sessions, additional on-campus employment of up to 9.5 hours per week may be possible.

Graduate students receiving competitive fellowships and awards must consult with Dr. LaRuth McAfee before applying for additional job opportunities.

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Simply send your job posting to Our Professional Development team will review your request, and can even help craft a job description. Once approved, job opportunities will be posted on the Graduate Student Job Board and promoted through our communications channels. Each individual unit is responsible for the hiring process, including onboarding and coordination with the student's home department.