Epi-Assist is a student volunteer group coordinated by the University of Delaware’s Epidemiology Program and Disaster Research Center. Epi-Assist provides students with the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in the field of public health and emergency management. Students will assist state and local health departments and other agencies with outbreak investigations, disasters and emergencies, community health assessments, environmental sampling, and other projects to provide surge capacity and expert assistance.

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Epi-Assist activities are coordinated by Jennifer Horney, PhD, MPH, CPH, Professor and Founding Director of the Epidemiology Program at the University of Delaware and Core Faculty of the Disaster Research Center and by Leanne Fawkes, DrPH, MPH, Postdoctoral Researcher in the Epidemiology Program. Dr. Horney was a member of a team of public health practitioners who responded to Hurricanes Isabel, Charley, Katrina, Wilma, Irene, and Harvey, where she conducted rapid assessments of disaster impact on the public health of individuals and communities. She has also provided technical assistance to public health agencies globally around disasters, infectious disease outbreaks, and pandemic influenza planning and response.