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The Parent & Family Leadership Council (PFLC) is a community of UD parents and families dedicated to maintaining the opportunities and prestige of the University of Delaware. The PFLC works together to increase parent involvement and raise vital dollars for the Parents Fund in support of the Division of Student Life. PFLC members reside in regions around the country and represent all four undergraduate classes at UD. Members of the PFLC serve a one-year renewable term each year their student is enrolled as a current undergraduate at UD. A dedicated and active Council will ensure success in meeting goals and increasing participation.


The PFLC is overseen by the Vice President of Student Life, Senior National Co-Chairs and Junior National Co-Chairs.

Parents and Family Leadership Council 

Senior National Chairs

Connie Wittig, AS85, P18, P20
Robert Wittig, AG86, P18, P20


Junior National Chairs

Kelly D’Emilia, P21, P23
Rick D’Emilia, P21, P23

Claire Allen, P23
Geoffrey Allen, P23

Aimee Baylor, P21
Chris Baylor, P21

Shelley Boyce, P21
Daniel Boyce, P21

Toni Boyette, P20

Laura Breitenbach, P21
Robert Pritchard, P21

Janice Dolan, P22, P23
Brian Dolan, BE87, P22, P23

Pam Fairchild, P22

Susan Amandi Garcia-Sarraff, P22
Jorge Garcia-Sarraff, P22

Robin Gordon, P22

Georgia Tsionas-Halakos, BE88, P21
Demitrios Halakos, P21

Ruth Lavelle, BE87, 97M, P21
Greg Lavelle, BE87, P21

Ellen Lehner, P21
Michael Lehner, P21

Deborah Lempert, P23
Stuart Lempert, P23

Philicia Levinson, P20
David Levinson, P20

Sally Loessner, AS88, P22
Michael Loessner, P22

Geri Maselli, P14, P19, P22
Mark Maselli, P14, P19, P22

Amy Masters, P22
Wayne Van Nostrand, P22

Karen Melillo, EG82, P20
Mark Melillo, EG82, P20

Suzanne Morris, P15, P17, P22
Jim Morris, BE88, P15, P17, P22

Joe Nattans, P21

Eugene Petracca, P22

Gail Rosselot, P20
Steven Herskovitz, P20

Pat Roszkowski, P10, P22
James Roszkowski, P10, P22

Wendy Sheetz, P21
Joseph Sheetz, P21

Jennifer Simpson, P22

Christine Wolf, AG92, P22
Peter Wolf, AS91, P22

Council Member Role Description

UD Parent and Family Leadership Council Members will serve a one-year renewable term and will be asked to:


  • Make an annual leadership gift of $2,500 or more to the UD Parents Fund
  • Serve as a positive ambassador for the Parents Fund, the Division for Student Life and the University of Delaware
  • Consider a legacy gift in honor of your student's graduation
  • Educate fellow UD parents about the importance of supporting the Parents Fund

PFLC Mission Statement

The mission of the PFLC is to build relationships with parents and families that lead to increased interest in financially supporting the University of Delaware. The work of the PFLC results in increased philanthropic support from a parent base that understands and identifies with the needs of UD.

Volunteers are themselves donors who serve as advocates of the University and focus their fundraising efforts on securing gifts of $2,500 or more to the Parents Fund. The PFLC works through the University Office of Development and Alumni Relations’ Office of Parent & Family Giving and is overseen by the Vice President of Student Life.


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