The President's Leadership Council serves as an advisory group to the president, and was also the Campaign Cabinet for Delaware First: The Campaign for the University of Delaware.


It is comprised of ambassadors dedicated to providing leadership, advice and assistance to the president in order to increase the levels of engagement and philanthropy among the University's alumni, parents, friends, faculty, staff and students.

President's Leadership Council

Mr. John R. Cochran III (TR)

Ms. Marichu C. Valencia (PP)

Dr. Marna C. Whittington ('68/AS)

Mr. James C. Borel (TR)

Mr. John R. Collins ('80/BE)

Ms. Donna M. Fontana ('85/BE)

Ms. Coni Frezzo ('78/BE)

Mr. Charles A. Genuardi ('70/ANR)

Ms. Courtney Smith Goodrich ('93/BE)

Mr. David R. Helwig ('73/EG)

Thomas W. Hofmann, C.P.A. ('73/BE)

Raymond A. Jacobsen, Jr., Esq. ('71/AS)

Mr. Vance V. Kershner ('79/EG)

Mr. Shawn L. McCall ('88/BE)

Mr. Paul M. McConnell ('74/AS)

Ms. Mary Ellen Payne ('78/BE)

Mr. David A. Plastino ('78/AS)

Mrs. Mary Jane Willis

Mrs. William H. Willis, Jr.

John L. Anderson, Ph.D. ('67/EG)

Elan P. Keller, Esq. ('94/BE)

Mr. Christopher F. Buccini

Mrs. Connie S. Wittig ('85/AS)

Mr. Robert G. Wittig ('86/ANR)

Mr. Thomas W. Horne ('88/BE) 

Jeffrey Herbert

Mike McMullen

Chai Gadde

Shante Hastings

Angela Tsionas

Mike Renna

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