The Delaware Diamonds Society recognizes donors who make a leadership gift of $1,000 or more during each fiscal year (July 1 to June 30). Young alumni are recognized as Society donors at various levels based on graduation year (see below).


Annual leadership gifts provide greater and more consistent impact, ensuring UD’s people and programs have the resources needed to grow and thrive year after year.


Recognition is based on gifts made during a fiscal year, July 1 to June 30.



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  • Special recognition for giving milestones and anniversaries

  • Recognition in appropriate donor listings and publications

  • Exclusive 10% discount at UD’s Barnes and Noble Bookstore and Vita Nova

  • Invitations to unique, exclusive events

  • Special entrance to Delaware Stadium located at the Spartin Family Gate

  • Exclusive access to the Bob Carpenter Club during UD basketball home games

  • Personalized brick on campus after five consecutive years of leadership support 

  • Communications with updates on donor impact 

Reminder: Athletic representatives are prohibited from providing a student-athlete or a prospective student-athlete with any extra benefits. Legal guardians or relatives of student-athletes or prospective student-athletes are allowed access to the Bob Carpenter Club as Delaware Diamonds Society donors only. Legal guardians or relatives of student-athletes or prospective student-athletes are prohibited access to the Bob Carpenter Club as a guest of a Delaware Diamonds Society donor. The University of Delaware is committed to the principle of institutional control and will maintain all aspects of its intercollegiate athletics program in full accordance with all NCAA, CAA Conference and University rules.

Megan T., EG25




"Thanks to the generosity of Delaware Diamonds Society donors like you, I have taken advantage of many great opportunities that have enriched my experience at UD. I am involved in a lab where we are working with various plastic degrading enzymes to find solutions to decrease plastic waste in the environment. Through my work in the lab, I have discovered my passion for biochemistry research and plan to continue my education so that I can become a professor and help others find their passion for making the world a better place. Thank you for your generosity that supports and inspires students like me!"


– Megan T., EG25
UD student impacted by Society support

The impact of leadership support

Levels for Recent Alumni

Class of 2025 / Current Students


Class of 2024


Class of 2023


Class of 2022


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The Diamonds Walkway

Image of the Diamond Walkway leading up to Old College on the Newark campus.

The Diamonds Walkway recognizes Delaware Diamonds Society donors who have generously contributed to UD for five consecutive years at any Society level. Donors are recognized for their leadership support with a personalized brick on campus.

Located between Main Street and Old College on the Newark campus, the Diamonds Walkway symbolizes tradition and loyalty to UD. Following our naming standards, bricks are engraved with the donor's name or to commemorate a loved one.

Donors celebrating their five-year anniversary with the Delaware Diamonds Society are notified of their brick eligibility annually. Brick installation typically occurs in the fall.

Graphic representation of the brick layout for Delaware Diamond bricks.

Finding Your Brick

Every brick on the Diamonds Walkway has a specific set of coordinates, containing a letter and a number. To find your brick on the Walkway or to obtain your brick coordinates, please contact the Office of Development and Alumni Relations at 302-831-1943 or

Brick coordinates correspond to a specific paver and a specific quadrant on the Diamonds Walkway. The Walkway contains 22 gray diamond-shaped pavers. Each paver corresponds to a letter, beginning at the Walkway entrance on Main Street with the letter “A” and continuing to the steps of Old College, ending with the letter “V”. Surrounding every paver, engraved bricks are segmented into four quadrants, as shown in the diagram.

Therefore, if your coordinate is A3, your brick is located in the area to the upper left of the first diamond-shaped paver from Main Street.


  • Besides your name, you can honor a family member, a professor or anyone you choose on your brick.
  • All inscriptions are centered on the brick. Each brick is 4”x 8” and includes space for 3 lines of copy for a maximum of 15 characters per line, including spaces and punctuation as separate characters. Symbols that appear on a keyboard and Greek letters may be used.
  • Inscriptions may not include commercial messages or company names. UD reserves the right to deny any language that UD deems inappropriate.
Up-close photo of an inscribed red brick on the Diamonds Walkway on Delaware's campus.

Installation Timeline

Each year on June 30, a list of donors from the Delaware Diamonds Society eligible for bricks is generated. These names are confirmed with members by U.S. mail and email. Brick installation on the Diamonds Walkway typically occurs in September, and new bricks are available for viewing in time for Homecoming.

Bricks featuring the following recipients have been added to the walkway to honor those who have given at the Delaware Diamonds Society level for five consecutive years as of June 30, 2023.



Ann Yelland Adornetto '88 and Michael Adornetto

Sondra J. Arnsdorf '69 '71M

Carol A. '79 and John S. Boyer '79

Jennifer M. Buckley '01

Adam D. Cantley

Joseph '92 and Jiang Y. Chen

Matthew J. Conboy '84 and Gail Miller Conboy '83

Charles W. Contero-Puls '91

David W. Critics '85 '96M and Angela Bloch Critics '85 '96M

Camilla E. Daniel '18 '20M

Emily Young Denney '98 '06M and Brian T. Denney '98

Justin R. DiAngelo '02

Christopher R. '95 and Danielle D. Dohl

Allison Fish Dolan '76

Donna Warner Donat '95 and David T. Donat '97 '00M

James M. Donofrio '91 and Lisa Milano Donofrio '93

Shirley J. and Joseph J. Duffy

Arthur E. Jr. '65 and Diane R. Dungan

Susan Macia Dunlap '89 and Dwayne Dunlap

Christine M. Evans '69 '90M '08EdD and Michael C. Selvaggio

Colleen Force

Jorge Garcia-Sarraff Sr. and Susan Amandi Garcia-Sarraff

Nancy Beth and Daniel M. Garrett

Jacob D. Giusti '15

Sheila Smith Gorrafa '66 '68M and Adly A. Gorrafa

Eloise Flynn Haller '66

David B. '67 and Marilyn S. Harcum

Roseann H. Harkins

Lanie A. and Jeffrey B. Hendrey

Randall C. '75 and Debbie W. Herbein

Lisa Taormina Himmelfarb '88 and Steven D. Himmelfarb '88

Anita M. Holloway '82

C. Scott Howard '86M '94PhD

Robert J. Hudson '05

Kenneth W. Hunter '94M and Jeanie Emigh

Phillip O. Hutton Jr. '71 '73M and Linda Hill Hutton '73

Narasimha M. '73PhD and Narasimha M. Iyengar

Michael Jason '78 and Marianne Klobusicky Jason

Marianne T. Johnson

Kenneth C. Jones '80 and Lisa Zwilgmeyer Jones '80

Chris Jording

Staci Levin Julie '96 and Richard S. Julie

Neil A. '83 and Bonnie J. Katz

Jennifer Lindado Keetley '93 and Richard A. Keetley

Paula Frechette Kelly '92 and Michael Kelly

Donna Quisenberry Kinzel '89 '96M and Michael J. Kinzel '91

Jeffrey N. '93 and Irene Jean Werner Kleintop

Michael F. Koehler '75 and Diane Seney Koehler '75

Julia I. Kohen '03 '03M and Daniel E. Feit

Deborah and Stephen Korzeniowski

Eric Kramer '18

Paula L. LaFollette '22

Robert A. '99 and Danielle LaForte

William G. Lewis '17 and Devin F. Birch '17

Angela Spinelli Ludman '92 '98M and John P. Ludman '92

Margaret Dickhart Marcozzi '00 '06M and Joseph T. Marcozzi

Chris '91 and Denise K. Mauthe

David W. Mendez '03

Robert H. Miller '80 and Helen S. Spannagel

Jessica Cincotta Moore '95 and Kenneth T. Moore '95

David R. Oliver '90

Michael S. Patterson '94 and Carin Cataldi Patterson '95

Eugene Petracca Jr. and Geralyn Cannella

Melissa Mercer Phillips '80 and John E. Phillips '79

Brian C. Phipps '99

Michelle Pierson

Scott and Laurie Pilling

Claudia P. and Mark A. Porretti

Meredith Lyon Rafail '02 and Clinton W. Rafail '02

Matthew T. '10 and Kathryn Restaino

Debra L. Rodgers '78 and Paul W. Meyer '77M

Sharon Gore Rubin '85 and Edward Rubin

Elaine Madara Scholz '93

Joshua B. Schottenfeld '05

Joshua M. Shaver '07

John R. '70 and Patsy J. Sheets

Michael E. Sipple '83 '85M and Patricia Unruh Sipple '84

Marilyn A. Stadalius '84PhD and Phillip A. Branca '79 '82M

James E. and Susan E. Swasey

Connie Howe Waldrop '69 and Robert F. Waldrop II

Ryan C. Washall '07

Vince Watchorn

Richard G. Webster Jr. '84

Ferris W. Wharton '74

Angela M. White '89

Diane Cipriani Wikso '10 '12M and Eric R. Wikso '10 '18

Nancy W. and John R. Wolak

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