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Blue Hen Brain Break

Whether you need a distraction, a new book or to feel connected to fellow Blue Hens and your alma mater, we’ve got you covered. Sometimes, all you need is a few minutes to do something just for yourself. Groom those feathers, Blue Hens.


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  Coloring for All Ages!

Have a Zoom hangover? For many, coloring is therapeutic and relaxing. Check out these UD coloring pages for you (or for occupying your kids). Print them out and then zone out as you tap into your artistic side. Take five, Blue Hens!

 UD Games & Quizzes

Brain feeling a little mushy? Keep your brain sharp with these games that only a Blue Hen can master. Challenge yourself, Blue Hens!

UD Main Street Memories: Fuzzy of Fresh

UD Main Street Memories: Fuzzy or Fresh

Can you master this ultimate Blue Hen Trivia quiz about Main Street?

Which UDairy Ice Cream Flavor are you?

UD Personality Quiz

Take a brain break without the brain freeze with this UDairy-themed quiz! What UDairy ice cream flavor are you?

Which UD Blue Hen Mascot are you?

UD Personality Quiz

Each of UD’s mascots through the years has a distinct personality—which one do you identify with the most? Take the “Which UD Blue Hen Mascot Are You?” quiz to find out! Don’t forget to share your results to see how you match up with fellow Blue Hens.

Which Ud campus Building are you?

UD Personality Quiz

Take a break from your day with this short, fun quiz that matches your personality and interests up with the UD campus building that best reflects you. Share and compare your results with friends!


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  Digital Backgrounds

Ready to kick your Zoom game up a notch? Show off your Blue Hen pride on your phone? These digital backgrounds ooze UD spirit and are perfect for sprucing up your digital screens! Show off your tech savvy UD spirit, Blue Hens.

Phone Backgrounds

Zoom Backgrounds

Download the background file to your desktop from the link. Once you open the Zoom app, go to>preferences in the upper left and click on it to open preferences. Once open, click on “virtual background” in the left column. You should be able to see yourself in the preview area. Next, click on the “+” to add the background file from your desktop. It is now loaded for use. Be sure that if you click “mirror my video,” any imagery or logos are not showing in reverse to your viewer(s).  Most times this is not the case, even if it is mirrored on your end. You may want to test this before beginning a session.

  Blue Hen Minds


In these talks featuring our very own students, alumni, faculty and staff, you’ll hear life-changing advice and food for thought for all sorts of topics we encounter in life. Feel enlightened, Blue Hens.

Generation X: Why We Deserve New Branding | Jacquie Jordan | TEDxUniversityofDelaware:

Generation X: Why We Deserve New Branding
Jacquie Jordan


Was Nirvana your teen anthem? While the Millennials with little sister Gen Z and the Boomers duke it out in the workforce, in politics and in pop culture, where is the voice of Gen X? This branded Slacker Generation is suffering from Middle Child Syndrome. Find out what their superhero power actually is.



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