The UD Alumni Association (UDAA) is led by a board of volunteers who are proud to engage our entire alumni community through programming and events, awards, benefits and more. 


The UDAA partners with the Office of Development and Alumni Relations to fulfill its vision and mission, and to execute its strategies, programs and outreach. Both groups have the same end goal—to ensure that all current and future alumni have a fulfilling, lifelong relationship with our great University.


Mission: The University of Delaware Alumni Association is dedicated to building pride and lifelong loyalty in our Blue Hen community guided by our shared values to meaningfully Connect, Inspire, Serve and Celebrate all alumni worldwide.

Message from the UDAA President

Kerry Orendorf Halbedl, BE02

Dear Alumni,

I’m thrilled to serve you, my fellow Blue Hen alums, as the president of the UD Alumni Association. Along with all our alumni volunteers who serve on the UDAA Board of Directors, I want to be sure that we offer you plenty of avenues to connect with classmates and UD through events, career and professional development opportunities and more resources.

The UDAA is proud to offer tools and discounts for financial wellness, lifelong learning and showing off your Blue Hen pride. Check out all these resources for alumni, with more on the way! We’re also excited to get back to more in-person events again, although this past year has also opened our eyes to the limitless potential of gathering Blue Hens near and far virtually.

If you have any questions or feedback for me or for the Board, please don’t hesitate to email I hope to see you on campus (or on our screens) soon!

Blue Hens Forever,

Kerry Orendorf Halbedl, BE02

2022-2023 UDAA Board Members

UDAA Board members gather at the dedication of Alumni Circle on the campus of the University of Delaware.

2022-2023 Alumni Association Officers

Kerry Orendorf Halbedl, BE02, President

Bill Luzier, AS78, BE84M, Vice President

Matthew Lardieri, BE97, Treasurer

Stephen Shallo, AS07, Secretary

Linda Justice Myrick, EG77, Immediate Past President

David Alick, AS94

Reggie Brown, HS88, HS93M

Pat Tucci Cannon, EG89

Chris Dohl, BE95

Tammy Good, AS00

Jim Grimes, AS80, AS93M

Amy Levitz Grundy, EHD90

Tiffany Johnson Hanson, EHD05

Tamika Harvey, AS05

Jonathan Klein, AS07

Nancy Beltz Lomax, AS71

Mark Manniso, AS84

Ray Petrucci, EG71

Chris Pickering, BE89

Carolyn Eaton Quinci, EHD12EdD

Michelle Mahaney Scott, EHD90

Mark Seifert, AS85

Diane Stephens, EHD78

Lindsay Thrasher, EHD07

Kyle Van Riper, EG99, BE04M

Jeff Vande Poele, BE94

Erica Santos Walsh, AS14, BE21M

Susan Best, EG76

Baitul Chowdhury, BE18

David Csatari, BE91

Rich Greenberg, ANR77

Mary Hastings Hager, HS71

Harlan Landes, AS98

John Martin, EG84

Bill Michalcewiz, EG91, BE96M

Bob Phelan, BE80

Dustin Ramsdell, AS12

Eric Rosen, BE11

Stacy Richards Yates, EHD05

In 1957 the Alumni Associations of Delaware College and the Women's College merged to form the current Alumni Association.


2019-2021: Linda Justice Myrick, EG77

2017-2019: Steven Beattie, BE87

2015-2017: Anne Giacoma Barretta, AS83

2013-2015: Kenneth Jones, BE80

2011-2013: Darelle Lake Riabov, AS73

2009-2011: Alan Brayman, BE73

2007-2009: Shanté Stargell Hastings, EG00

2006-2007: Leonard P. Stark, AS91, BE91, 91M

2003-2006: Julie Moyer Knowles, HS82

2001-2003: R. Thorpe Moeckel, AS79

1999-2001: Charlotte W. Brown, AS81

1997-1999: Richard J. Mroz, AS83

1995-1997: Barbara J. Owens, HS58

1993-1995: Steven V. Bonine, EG78

1991-1993: Barbara H. Stratton, AS78

1989-1991: Robert V. A. Harra Jr., BE71

1987-1989: Barbra Frank Andrisani, EHD68

1985-1987: Lawrence R. Valencourt, EG70

1983-1985: Ross Ann Jenny Craig, EHD67

1981-1983: Paul C. Seitz, BE71

1979-1981: Patricia Murphy O'Flynn, AS49

1977-1979: C. Jackson Levis, EG50

1975-1977: Catherine Burke Flickinger, EHD40

1973-1975: Wayne J. Pollari, AS50

1971-1973: Gertrude B. Draper, AS37

1969-1971: John W. Alden Jr., AS38

1967-1969: Dorothy M. Welsh, AS44

1965-1967: Robert F. Siemen, AS43, 55M, BE64M

1963-1965: Frances Malcolm Patnovic, AS28

1961-1963: George W. Thompson, BE34

1959-1961: Mina Press Thompson, AS41, EHD57M

1957-1959: John E. Healy II, EG39


The Women's College Alumnae Association was established immediately following graduation of the first class in 1918.


1956-1957: Alice Sheldon Taylor, AS37

1954-1956: Mary J. deHan, AS32

1952-1954: Hester Smith Thomas, EHD39

1950-1952: May Thompson Keith, EHD26

1948-1950: A. Jeanette Thoroughgood Werntz, AS32, EHD50M

1946-1948: Olive Murray Jones, EHD28

1942-1945: Frances Malcolm Patinovic, AS28

1940-1942: Marjorie Johnson Squire, AS28

1938-1940: Mary C. Dennison, AS19

1936-1938: Nellie P. Lawton, AS28

1934-1936: Anna E. Gallaher, AS18

1932-1934: Marion H. Steele, AS28

1930-1932: Anna D. Scott, AS19

1928-1930: Ruth Anne Russell, AS23

1926-1928: Mabel Smith Fraser, EHD23

1924-1926: Ruth Clendaniel Bausman, ANR18

1922-1924: Edith A. McDougle, AS18

1920-1922: Selma Bachrach Schafer, AS18

1918-1920: Elizabeth Jones Lyon, EHD18

The Delaware College Alumni Association was founded in 1846. Formal records dating back to 1921 show that many outstanding graduates have served the University as president of the association.


1955-1957: William R. Draper, BE30

1954-1955: James C. Stewart, BE38

1953-1954: Ernest S. Wilson, EG18, 63H

1952-1953: J. Alex Crothers, EG16

1951-1952: Paul D. Lovett, AS18

1950-1952: Phillip H. Marvel, EG21

1949-1950: Victor H. Jones, EG09

1948-1949: Jefferson F. Pool, ANR21

1947-1948: Joseph M. McVey, AS04

1946-1947: Emery W. Loomis, EG14, 30H

1945-1946: Joseph M. Cherpak, AS26

1944-1945: Harry W. Loose, EG20

1943-1944: A. Rae DuBell, AS12

1942-1943: W. Owen Sypherd, AS96, 47H

1941-1942: John G. Leach, AS25

1940-1941: Warren C. Newton, ANR16, 55H

1938-1940: Milton V. Draper, EG22

1937-1938: Archie H. Dean, AS14

1936-1937: Joseph M. McVey, AS04

1935-1936: John V. Postles, EG11

1933-1935: Harry G. Lawson, EG06

1932-1933: Edward R. Mullin, EG95

1931-1932: J. Rankin Davis, AS11

1930-1931: J. Alex Crothers, EG16

1929-1930: Clarence A. Short, EG96, 05M

1928-1929: J. Harry Mitchell, AS03, 07M

1927-1928: Leroy W. Hickman, EG03

1926-1927: Charles E. Grubb, EG14, 30H

1925-1926: Everett C. Johnson, AS99

1924-1925: Alexander J. Taylor Sr., EG93, 96M

1923-1924: George N. Davis, AS98

1922-1923: Harry W. Lyndall, EG05, 21M

1921-1922: George I. Lockwood, AS03

The Association is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of four officers, 24 directors, members at large and the immediate past president. Six alumni are selected annually to serve four-year terms. The UDAA Constitution and Bylaws can be provided upon request.

Nominate a Blue Hen to serve on the UDAA Board of Directors

Alumni Circle

University of Delaware Alumni Circle Unveiling:

Alumni who are recognized by the UDAA for their achievements and dedication to the University can see their engraved names on the stone walls of the Alumni Circle, which is a campus structure, dedicated in 2019, that graces the green space between Alumni Hall and the Little Bob, near Old College. The etched names include past UDAA presidents and the recipients of the:

  • Outstanding Alumni Award
  • Alumni Wall of Fame Award
  • Emalea Pusey Warner Award for Outstanding Senior
  • Alexander J. Taylor Sr. Award for Outstanding Senior

Read about Alumni Circle

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If you are interested in serving on the Board of Directors or with any programs, committees or activities, contact Lauren Simione, BE95, Associate Vice President of Alumni Engagement and Annual Giving.

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