The Office of Parent & Family Giving provides parents and families the opportunity to play an important role in enhancing the student experience through philanthropy to all areas across the University.


Proud Blue Hen parents and families play an integral role at UD. By supporting the University, you help ensure a dynamic student experience so all Blue Hens thrive throughout their lives.

Once a Blue Hen, always a Blue Hen.

Student Recently Graduated?

Congratulations on your Blue Hen joining the ranks of 200,000+ UD alumni! No matter where your student is on their personal or professional journey, they remain part of our Blue Hen family – and so do you. Discover how you can keep UD in your life, and how UD resources can continue to help your graduate.


Join the Blue Hen Family Hub

Staying informed is one of the ways proud Blue Hen parents and families can engage with UD, stay connected and support students. UD families are invited to connect with their students at the University of Delaware through the Blue Hen Family Hub.

In the Blue Hen Family Hub, parents and families can:

  • Access important campus news and deadlines
  • Sign up to receive personalized newsletters and announcements
  • Share updates with friends and family in the Blue Hen community
  • Connect with information and resources to help your student thrive at UD.


Join the Blue Hen Family Hub

UD campus.

100+ programs

supported by parent and family generosity to enhance virtual and in-person connections

2021 opening of Wellbeing Center at Warner Hall

made possible thanks to investment in holistic wellbeing

52,000+ student employment opportunities

available thanks to support of career services


Discover the Impact of Parent and Family Giving

Student Crisis Fund | Parent and Family Giving:

Student Crisis Fund | Brian Armstrong Jr., Office of the Dean of Students

UD Athletics | Parent and Family Giving:

UD Athletics | Kendrick Whitehead, BE22

Blue Hen Strong Fund | Parent and Family Giving:

Blue Hen Strong Fund | Esha Shah, BSPA23

Office of Parent and Family Giving Staff


Stacey L. Muzzi, BE99

Assistant Vice-President
Camilla Daniel

Camilla Daniel, BE18, 20M

Development Coordinator

Tracy E. Smith

Senior Associate Director
Blue Hen Strong Fund.

Coming Together for our Students

The Blue Hen Strong Fund provides immediate help for students suffering hardships as a result of the pandemic.

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Career Networking

UD offers an array of opportunities to learn from fellow alumni, connect with students and hone your professional skills.

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