Pittsburgh Blue Hens and friends can connect with each other through events and the Pittsburgh Blue Hen Network Facebook Group for camaraderie, networking, local advice and recommendations and sharing their mutual love for the University of Delaware. 


Join local events, organized by UD Blue Hen ambassadors in your region, that range from happy hours to family-friendly ice cream gatherings and museum tours to cheering on your favorite sports teams at the stadium. Many events are sponsored by the UD Alumni Association (UDAA), which allows them to be offered at discounted rates.


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In the Pittsburgh Area? Get Involved & Volunteer

About the Pittsburgh Blue Hen Network

Pittsburgh Ambassadors

Meet the regional ambassadors who organize events and regularly post to the Facebook page about opportunities and events:

Adam Michael Kramer, BE18M

Adam Michael Kramer, BE18M


Pittsburgh, PA

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Favorite Memory:
Alumni Weekend 2016.

Kailey Kramer, AS14

Kailey Kramer, AS14


Pittsburgh, PA

Favorite Memory:
Trips to UDairy!

James Losi, EG12

James Losi, EG12


Pittsburgh, PA

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Fun Fact:
I loved UD so much I stayed for all four winter sessions!

Scott Scheinberg, AS13

Scott Scheinberg, AS13


Allison Park, PA

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Fun Fact:
1.  I’m a two-time, Pittsburgh intramural softball champion (2017 and 2018).
2.  My futsal (soccer) team won the national championship in 2007.
3.  I’ve developed a passion for paddle sports in adulthood (tennis and pickle ball).
4.  I did not have my first coffee until senior year of college (and now, with two kids under 2, I am addicted).

Regional Blue Hen Ambassador Volunteer Description

Plan events.

Arrange details such as event location, date/time, venues, vendors, speakers, etc. Work as a team to meet deadlines in submitting proposals and funding requests.

Connect online.

Utilize Facebook groups to interact with your community, market events, and encourage Blue Hens to engage with the University of Delaware.

Participate in volunteer meetings.

Attend regular meetings with other ambassadors in your region to brainstorm and plan events. Hear from DAR staff to learn about upcoming programs and initiatives, UD news, and events.

Serve as a point of contact.

Provide your photo, email, or LinkedIn to be featured on the UD Alumni webpage, so alumni in your area can connect with you or ask questions.

DAR staff will provide support in planning and marketing your event.

The University of Delaware Alumni Association (UDAA) funding assistance will be available for select regional events, reviewed on a quarterly basis.

Time is dependent upon the number of events you and your fellow ambassadors plan. We recommend meeting on a monthly basis to discuss events and roles. You may participate as your schedule allows.

Resume building. Gain new experiences and skills while serving as a volunteer.

Network. Connect with Blue Hens alumni, friends, parents, students, and faculty and staff.

Invitations to participate in unique opportunities are offered exclusively to ambassadors.

Fun! You’ll socialize with other Blue Hens while enjoying an array of events!

Resources for Network Ambassadors:


  • Use the event request form to request the assistance of the DAR Alumni Engagement team to register attendees and promote your alumni event.
  • Submit a Satellite Assistance Program (SAP) form for financial assistance from the Alumni Outreach Committee of the University of Delaware Alumni Association (UDAA).
  • Use this projected budget template for planning



Get In Touch: 

  Leslie Lundgaard, Regional Alumni Programs