The UD Student Alumni Ambassadors and UD’s Office of Development and Alumni Relations invite you to check out the UD Bucket List!


Created with input from both current students and alumni, the UD Bucket List encompasses everything about what it means to be a part of the UD community. We hope that you find completing both the 17 gold items and 43 blue items to be the perfect way to share UD traditions and stay connected and build that common bond as #BlueHensForever.


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17 Gold Items


These 17 items are ones that can be completed senior year and beyond. They bring the list full circle and encourage you to consider your role as a Blue Hen during your closing undergraduate years as well as after graduation.

Before throwing your cap in the air, take a moment to enjoy your capstone collegiate achievement of becoming a UD alum by walking at graduation.

Whether you’re catching up with old classmates or still celebrating graduation, Alumni Weekend has something for everyone. From attending a college or affinity group reception to returning to the residence halls, it’s all about celebrating being a Blue Hen for life.

Remember how much fun you used to have at the Delaware football games? Well now it’s time to dust off that Flacco jersey and grab some old friends before heading to your alma mater for a school-spirited Homecoming weekend.


Show your appreciation with a good old-fashioned thank you note, which you can send along to that professor or advisor who wrote you an awesome recommendation letter or maybe helped you out before a hard exam.

Even a “broke college student” can dig up some extra change to give back to the place they call home. Choose any organization or academic program that impacted your years at UD and send a donation their way so they can continue to thrive.

Take some time off from typical weekend activities for a night on The Green with your soon-to-be graduating classmates. Free food and awesome live music included!

Get your picture taken with one of the beautiful fountains on campus. Don’t forget to enjoy the water!

The Alumni Circle is a physical representation of some of our most impactful Blue Hens. Step over the seal to join the network of nearly 200,000 Blue Hen alumni!

End your week on a happy “note” with some live music at Deer Park. You might even find yourself enjoying the show where Edgar Allen Poe himself once stood!

From New York to California, Blue Hens love gathering across the country (and even internationally!). Find your roost wherever you end up after graduation.

There are many ways to continue your Blue Hen legacy and giving back is definitely one of them! Whether it’s through UD’s Day of Service or other university-sponsored events, dare to volunteer.

Make your way down Main Street and stop at some classic, late-night establishments with friends in your major, former floormates or your favorite student group. We definitely recommend matching T-shirts!

Whether you’re gaining experience through an internship, studying abroad or just out and about, spread your UD pride far and wide by talking about your UD experience and/or wearing blue and gold.

Whether you are remembering the way you decorated your dorm room or reminiscing about the time your professor held class outside, catching up with a past friend is the perfect way to relive and appreciate the good ol’ days.

Find a building on campus that is near and dear to your heart and snap a picture.

Get a professional headshot at the Career Fair, then network and mentor with fellow Blue Hens on UD CAN (UD Career Acceleration Network).

From motivational quotes to drawings that reflect your time at UD, decorating your cap is a great way to enCAPsulate your UD years.

Graduating students celebrate at graduation by throwing their caps in the air.
UD alumni enjoy a live performance at DelaBration during Alumni Weekend.
A student shows off her decorated graduation cap at an event sponsored by DAR.

43 Blue Items

These 43 items are the ones that can be completed at any time during your career as a Blue Hen. A freshman who just arrived yesterday or even an alum who graduated many years ago can easily find pride and success by completing any of these.

Think you have met your sweetheart at UD? Visit the kissing arches on either side of Memorial Hall to seal your fate as “Double Dels.” Between 1914 and 1945, The Green was actually home to two schools: Delaware College on the North Green and the Women’s College on the South Green, and the kissing arches were where sweethearts would say goodnight before heading back to their residence halls in time for curfew.

You don’t need to look up at the night sky to discover the planets. Starting at Old College and ending at the Fred Rust Ice Arena, UD boasts a scale model of the solar system, so you can explore the entire universe(ity) all in one afternoon.

Need some good luck for a big exam? Rub the nose on the bust of the former federal District Court judge on your way out of Hugh Morris Library.

There’s no better way to document your Blue Hen spirit than by snapping a picture with our energetic and loveable mascots. Find them around campus or in the stands at sporting events and ask them to say “Cheese!” with a big-beaked smile.

You haven’t tasted anything like UD’s official ice cream. Stop by the creamery on South Campus next to the Fred Rust Ice Areana, which is open year-round. Try delicious flavors like “1923” and “Blue Hen Tracks.”

Enjoy the variety of food options at the endless buffets in the four dining halls on campus! Just don’t forget to grab some cookies for later!

Each Spring show how much you love UD by joining in a campus-wide celebration on the Green! Join in the fun by writing thank you notes to donors, riding the Class Cab, enjoying UD spirited snacks, and more fun activities!

Join to make new friends, support a cause or philanthropy and create lifelong memories.

Everyone loves football, but UD offers 21 other varsity sports! Check one out and you might even receive a cockpit T-shirt while you’re there.

Attending UDance is not only a fantastic way to raise money and awareness to help find a cure for cancer, but you’ll have an amazing experience and make memories to last a lifetime.

Sure to impress any diner, this five-star gem, run by Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Management students, is hidden upstairs in Trabant University Center. Bon appetit!

Every time you walk over the Laird Campus bridge you might be missing something! Look below to find the art deco metal Blue Hen statue welcoming students to the beautiful north side of the university.

Don’t wait for your hometown pond to freeze over to go ice skating! Head down to the arena with friends for some “cool” times.

Forget going to an expensive theater to see a movie when you can get the perfect date night right on campus! Grab two tickets and two candy bars for $8 before heading downstairs to enjoy the latest new release feature film.

Stay in-the-know about the latest news on campus and around Newark by picking up a copy of the student newspaper (or reading online) or by turning your radio dial to 91.3 FM WVUD.

Make your dorm room a little more festive with fun (or even homemade) decorations, and if you’re happy with the final product, be sure to enter your dorm room in one of UD’s decorating contests!

Reach new heights as you climb to the top of the Bob Carpenter Sports Building’s rock wall.

You can always count on these organizations to bring you at least one big name performer per semester, including Chance the Rapper, John Bellion and Brett Young! You’re guaranteed a great show at an even better price.

Escape campus for a few hours and visit White Clay Creek to enjoy nature, explore the trails, or bring some books and get some studying done.

Come out and show some UD pride at the Homecoming pep rally or tailgate. Make memories with past, present and future Blue Hens.

Make your parents proud and prove that hard work pays off.

Take one sunny day, a few good friends, some tasty treats and one of the most beautiful places on campus and combine for the perfect afternoon.

Whether it is building a house as part of a UDAB trip or volunteering with another organization on campus, giving back to the community is part of what it means to be a Blue Hen.

Get out of the classroom and gain some real world experience by completing an internship, doing research, taking part in service learning or an independent study, or studying abroad.

Show off your Blue Hen spirit while attending a game or spending some time down at the Delaware Athletics Village!

Make your mark by signing your name with pride alongside your fellow classmates. Your class banner is available for signing at many UD Alumni Association events throughout the year.

Known as local celebrities to students, these people make a real difference at UD. Show them your appreciation with a friendly greeting.

Need help with your résumé, want to meet potential employers or just want to discuss career options? These are just a few of the opportunities available through the Career Center to help you prepare for life after UD.

Wake up and smell the roses (and many other beautiful flowers and plants) on South Campus.

Whether it means painting your face or throwing on a “Kiss Me, I’m a Blue Hen” button, there’s no better way to cheer on your team than while donning the blue and gold.

Invite your family to Delaware to show them around your new home. Enjoy a variety of scheduled events or just spend some quality time with the folks.

Be on the lookout for famous names like Sonia Sotomayor, Anderson Cooper and many more as they come to Newark to share their stories with students.

You don’t have to go far beyond the comforts of Newark to find yourself a quality, cultural experience! Whether you are interested in painting, sculpture or geology, something is bound to catch your eye at one of our many museums.

If you want a New York quality bagel in Delaware, stop by this Main Street staple on your way to class or before a football game.

The classic combination of tortilla chips, cheese, guacamole and salsa is always a crowd pleaser, especially if you’re enjoying it while taking in the sights and sounds of Main Street from Kate’s porch.

The cast of “Friends” got it right when they ditched the chains for a cozy coffeeshop experience. Find one where you and your gang can hang out and enjoy some caffeinated beverages.

Regardless of the time of day, The Green is a beautiful place. Yet, there is something extra special about the place at sunrise or sunset. Check it out and bring your camera to capture a picture-perfect moment.

While the sand has been replaced with turf, it is still difficult to resist the beach-like feel found at the center of East Campus. Don’t forget to bring a frisbee, a guitar or a beach towel!

Avoid the dreaded “freshman 15” and stay active throughout your college years by enrolling in a BHAN fitness class, such as Golf or Cardio-Dance Mix. And, if that doesn’t fit into your academic schedule, the Carpenter Sports Building offers a variety of other fitness classes as well.

Have your own “Rocky” moment by running to the top of the steps of Old College, one of UD’s oldest buildings. Once you reach the top, turn around and marvel at how much UD has grown and evolved since Old College stood alone as the home of Delaware College.

Make the most of every minute here at UD. Don’t forget the snacks and caffeine to help you power through the night. And remember, you can’t learn without proper sleep, so don’t attempt too many of these!

In addition to being spirited and scholarly, Blue Hens are also quite talented. Whether it is vocally, instrumentally or theatrically, they are always hosting performances for your viewing pleasure.

Transitions can be hard for everyone. Stop by the UD Welcome Days during your first weekend on campus to get your feet wet, or come back as an upperclassman and volunteer!

Student pose with YouDee and their UDairy ice cream.
Students play volleyball on the Beach.
A student displays a sign stating why she hearts UD on I heart UD day.
A student dance performance.
Students pose for a photo on Spirit Day.


SAFETY: While we, the Student Alumni Ambassadors and the Alumni Relations staff, do encourage school spirit when completing the Bucket List and creativity when taking pictures for submission to the Bucket List photo section, the University of Delaware is not liable for any injuries sustained in the process. We are confident that each of the items can be completed in a safe and legal manner.

ALCOHOL: We also understand that some places at which certain Bucket List items can be completed do serve alcohol. We do not condone underage consumption and remind students who are 21 and opt to consume, to do so in a responsible and safe manner.

PRIVACY: We do not store any of your personal information other than what you submit when you contribute photos, if you opt to do so. The purpose of this information is to credit the creative property and do not sell or share personal information of this nature with any third parties.

A woman takes a selfie with YouDee at an University of Delaware event.

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