Blue Hen Stories video series

Students share their personal stories and the impact of philanthropy on their Journey.

From cutting-edge research, to study abroad trips, to athletic championships and life-changing scholarships: every Blue Hen has a story to tell. But wherever they lead, each Blue Hen story begins with the donors who make these experiences possible.


Here, in their own words, UD students take time to reflect on their own unique journeys and thank those who helped them along the way.

A Blue Hen Story: Shane Gremo, BE24:

As President of the Blue Hen Investment Club, Shane Gremo, BE24, and fellow students have invested $4.1 million of the University’s endowment in sectors like technology, healthcare, communications and energy.  

A Blue Hen Story: Devon Enoch, BE24:

Devon Enoch, BE24, describes her experience taking a study abroad trip to Greece -- a life-changing journey that she never thought would be possible for her. 

A Blue Hen Story: Simon Brugel, EG25:

Simon Brugel, EG25, and his fellow researchers at the Modular Music program created tools that help people on the autism spectrum enjoy music more comfortably.

A Blue Hen Story: Evyn Appel, ANR25:

After not being able to secure traditional funding, Evyn Appel, ANR25 and club members relied on the generosity of donors on UD’s HenFunder platform to support the Hydroponics Club. 

A Blue Hen Story:Joshua Artis, EG24:

Serving as treasurer of the National Society of Black Engineers, Joshua Artis, EG24, thinks about funding all the time. This kind of opportunity, he explains, is “what pushes people to move forward toward success.”

A Blue Hen Story: Dyhia D. Hammadi, AS24:

As a first-generation college student, Dyhia D. Hammadi, AS24 relied on generous contributions to the Blue Hen Strong fund to get connected with resources and scholarships, such as the We’re First club.

A Blue Hen Story: Luke Stuchlik, HS23:

Luke Stuchlik, HS23, wanted to pursue a career that makes a difference, like nursing. Thanks to generous donors, Luke and his classmates are using advanced technology—including virtual reality—to prepare for real-world medical situations. 

A Blue Hen Story: Jessica Pidgeon, EHD23:

Boosting her confidence in herself and her abilities, Jessica Pidgeon, EHD23, describes her experience of serving on UD’s Student-Athlete Advisory Council. Thanks to UD donors’ generosity, the Council has given Blue Hens, like Jessica, critical leadership opportunities.

A Blue Hen Story: Genpei “John” Ye, BE24:

Genpei “John” Ye, BE24, attributes his success to his experiences with Horn Entrepreneurship. Thanks to UD donors’ generosity, aspiring innovators like John can pursue their passions and find solutions to tomorrow’s most pressing challenges. 

A Blue Hen Story: Erik Ashley, AS23:

Erik Ashley, AS23, describes his experiences with UD’s Center for Intercultural Engagement. Whether it's food, clothing or sharing knowledge, the Center works to increase campus diversity and deliver resources to communities in need, all thanks to the support of donors. 

A Blue Hen Story: Priya Thamburaj, EOE25:

“We are going to be the ones who go out into the world and address the issue of climate change,” explains Priya Thamburaj, EOE25. Students like Priya are conducting vital research on environmental sustainability through the Climate Scholars program.

A Blue Hen Story: Moses Martinez, AS24:

Thanks to UD donors’ generosity, students like Moses Martinez, AS24 have conducted critical research on improving civil discourse and creating a better-functioning democracy through the Biden School’s Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF) Ithaca Initiative.

A Blue Hen Story: Hannah Slesinski, ANR24:

Without funding, Hannah Slesinski, ANR24, wouldn't have been able to participate in her summer internship opportunity. Internships provide Blue Hens with life-changing experiences to learn skills and secure employment— all thanks to UD donors’ generosity.

A Blue Hen Story: Thomas Gallucci, HS24:

As a veteran, Blue Hen Thomas Gallucci, HS24, worked hard to transition from military life to a college student. Thanks to donor support and funding, Thomas is able to "do better and do some good" by getting his nursing degree.