A University’s foundation is not found in its buildings or in its programs, but in its people – specifically those who commit to our mission, translate it into action and, most importantly, invest in that mission. The extraordinary financial support of Founders Society members provides a critical foundation from which the University continues to advance toward greater excellence


The Founders Society recognizes the University’s most generous donors who provide transformational support for UD’s faculty, staff, students and campus by committing $1 million or more cumulatively during their lifetimes.

Recognizing Generosity

Flag marker icon.

An engraved granite paver located on Founders Walkway

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An exclusive membership proclamation box and pin

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Exclusive invitations to presidential and Society-only events

Star badge icon.

Recognition in appropriate donor listings and publications

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Communications with updates on the meaningful difference donors make at the University

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Exclusive updates on University happenings and other Society-specific communications

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Direct access to the Donor Relations team. Email donor-relations@udel.edu for guidance or with any questions.

-Donna M. Fontana, BE85

“My journey of supporting students at the University has had a tremendous impact on my life. We all know that helping someone obtain their dreams can never be underestimated, especially when they are improving society at large.  And to quote Ralph Waldo Emerson, ‘To know that even one life has breathed easier because I have lived. That is to have succeeded.’”

-Donna M. Fontana, BE85
Founders Society Member


Students work in the Geltzeiler Trading Center.

Current-use support to establish innovative programs and centers

Stairway detail showing a painted Blue Hen in the new Whitney Athletic Center.

Facility support to transform campus

a student wearing a mask and white lab coat works in a lab.

Endowed funds to sustain support for UD’s people and programs in perpetuity, including scholarships, graduate fellowships, professorships and more

Founders Society Members

President Dennis Assanis and First Lady Eleni Assanis stand at the podium during a Founder's Society event.


Charles C. Allen III '71 and Barbara N. Allen

Carol Leefeldt Anderer and David G. Anderer

Sondra J. Arnsdorf '69 '71M

Mark P. Bendett '81M '85PhD

Barry J. '78 and M. Therese Verdugo Bentley

Keith A. '80 and Corinne P. Bentley

George P. Blankenship '74 and Andrea LeNoir Blankenship '73

Bernadette D. Buccini

Christopher F. Buccini

Robert E. Buccini

R. R. M. III and Stephanie C. Carpenter

Patricia and John Cochran

John R. Collins '80 and Margaret Pierce Collins '80

Morton '58 '15H and Donna K. Collins

Howard E. Cosgrove Jr. '70M '18H and Joyce O. Cosgrove

Francis J. Eastburn '60

James G. Faller '62M '67PhD and Catherine Eliades Faller '58

David J. Farber

Myra Campbell Ferguson '66

Ronald M. Finch '56

Claudia G. and Richard B. Fischer

Donna M. Fontana '85

William L. '58M and Mary Kay Friend

Francis E. Jr. '62 and Mildred W. Gardiner

Michael S. '80 and Rosann F. Geltzeiler

Charles A. '70 and Patricia Genuardi

Robert W. '59 '10H and Jane Gore

Sarah Ives Gore '76M

Stuart M. and Suzanne B. Grant

Thomas L. '60 and Kipp T. Gutshall

E. Thomas III '75 and Robin C. Harvey

Martina Combs Hayward '74 and Pierre du Pont Hayward

Constance LaRoe Helwig '73 and David R. Helwig '73

Thomas W. '73 and Katherine M. Hofmann

Mary F. Holahan '74M '78PhD and Luigi Caporaso

David E. and Kathleen A. Hollowell

Charles W. '75 and Patricia A. Horn

Sarah Rickards Jastak '54M '63PhD

John B. Kelly '83 and Terri Connor Kelly '83

Carolyn Cochrane Kent '66M

Krishan K. and Krishna K. Khanna

Michael J. and Hannah G. Koziski

Mark Samuels Lasner

Kathryn Moore Massau '57

Paul K. Mattheiss '61 and Carol Moore Mattheiss '60

David L. Mills and Beverly J. C. Mills '98

Sepehr Mostaghim '70 and Nancy Waite Mostaghim '69

Augustus D. Pierce Jr. and Edna P. Pierce

Marie E. Pinizzotto, M.D., '08M and Carol A. Ammon '11H

David A. Plastino '78

Donald J. Puglisi '12H and Marichu C. Valencia

Robin Burschlag Pzena ’81 and Richard S. Pzena

Patricia Orris Robertson '72M and Charles W. Robertson Jr.

Fred P. Jr. '63 and Madeleine T. Rullo

Frank E. Acierno Sr. and Annette B. Scarborough

Paul H. '73 and Denise B. Schipper

William H. Severns Jr. '50PhD

Robert L. Siegfried Jr. '81 and Kathleen Horgan Siegfried '85

Gary A. Smith '80 and Carol Mertes-Smith '74

Robert W. '83 and Teresa O. Smith '83

Donald L. Sparks

David W. and Lisa A. Spartin

UD Alumni Association

Sue Ann G. Weinberg

Kenneth C. '80 and Elizabeth K. Whitney

Marna Cupp Whittington '68 '17H and Thomas D. Whittington Jr. '69

Virginia M. Zabriskie

Anonymous donors who have graciously given to the University without recognition

Founders Walkway

Close up photograph of the Founder's Walkway near the Amy DuPont Hall.

To ensure that we remember the legacies of our Founders Society members for years to come, the University recognizes every member with a physical marker prominently displayed on the Founders Walkway.

The Walkway, located adjacent to Amy DuPont Hall along the Roselle Center for the Arts lawn, features granite pavers engraved with members’ names, as well as society banners and descriptive threshold stones.

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