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Scholarships - Tajai Cox:



Every Blue Hen—regardless of background—deserves access to a transformative education. Yet many talented students face financial hardships. For them, scholarships are both a lifeline and an investment.

By investing in these students’ success, you create a legacy that extends far beyond campus. Wherever they go, and whatever they accomplish, it starts here with your support.

“For folks contemplating a scholarship, I would say, the future is now....Pick up the phone tomorrow and figure out what you’re passionate about. The university does a wonderful job of helping to bring your passion to life.” 


—Donna Fontana, BE85
Fontana Family Education Scholarship



Scholarship support can take several forms, and each creates transformative opportunities for UD students. 

Students practice on a medical dummy at UD.


Endowed scholarships create permanent, named funds to support Blue Hens, present and future. An endowed scholarship will last for perpetuity, with approximately 4% of the total gift each year supporting students in need. You can create a legacy of generosity by naming an endowed scholarship for yourself, your family or a loved one.

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Current-use scholarships provide immediate support to students in need. With no need to wait for endowment income, these funds create tangible opportunities for students in the semester immediately following their establishment. With an option to name your scholarship after yourself, your family or a loved one, you can also create meaningful, personal connections with the students you’ve supported.


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A Finish Line grant can make the difference that allows a student to graduate and find success beyond UD. Finish Line grants help upperclassmen complete their UD journeys and reach graduation. Every year, more than 400 Blue Hens are unable to continue their educational journey due to unpaid tuition—most often, the outstanding amount is less than $1,500. A Finish Line grant of $1,000 can make the difference that allows a senior to walk across the Commencement stage and find success beyond UD.


Students and donors


Transforming Lives with Scholarships: Arynn Hernandez & Glenn Pfeil:

Career Jumpstarted 

Arynn Hernandez, BE22, 23M, wasn’t sure how she would achieve her goals while juggling so much with work, siblings and studies. Support from Glenn Pfeil, BE78, changed all that. She was able to pursue her advanced degree and jumpstart her career journey.

Transforming Lives with Scholarships: Megan Tarr and Nancy Lomax:

A Weight Lifted

Megan Tarr, AS25, wasn't sure she would be able to afford to continue school after her first semester. When she learned she had received a scholarship that was established by Nancy Lomax, AS71, she immediately found hope and excitement for the opportunities ahead at UD.

Transforming Lives with Scholarships: Shem Msabila, Marcia & Jim Borel:

Research Pursued

Shem Msabila, ANR24, from Tanzania, Africa heard “no” too many times to have hope in pursuing research that would make a difference in his home country, let alone the United States. Funding from Marcia and Jim Borel helped Shem experience more than he could have ever dreamed.

Transforming Lives with Scholarships: Tajai’ Cox & Paula Glover:

Dreams Realized

When Tajai’ Cox, BE23, lost his mother and suddenly became independent, he didn’t know how he was going to continue at UD or where life might take him next. Paula Glover’s, BE89, support gave him the finances and hope to realize his dreams.

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