Danilo Yanich

Danilo Yanich, School of Public Policy & Administration.


Biden School of Public Policy and Administration

Policy Scientist

Center for Community Research and Service

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Areas of Expertise

  • Research centers on the media and its intersection with citizenship, public policy and crime, as well as media ownership.
  • Directs the Local Television News Media Project, which examines the role of the news media in democracy and public policy. Yanich was awarded presidential fellowships at two Salzberg Seminars (Salzburg, Austria), both focused on ethics and the news media.
  • Can discuss criminal justice policy, including its political economy, particularly the decision making processes of major players within the system. Yanich has done consulting work for the Delaware Board of Parole.
  • Has knowledge of the culture, politics and policies of the Balkans, particularly the former Yugoslavia, and can discuss comparisons of the policy systems at work in Eastern Europe to those of the United States.

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