Promotion and Tenure

The chief goals of promotion and tenure policies at the University of Delaware are promoting faculty excellence and ensuring procedural fairness. In order to realize these aspirations, the University must establish and maintain the highest standards of teaching, scholarly and artistic activity, and service. These resources are meant to help guide candidates and reviewers in this important work.

The University of Delaware provides a series of workshops to help faculty better understand and navigate the appraisal, peer-review, promotion and tenure processes. These workshops and short courses are offered every year. It is recommended to attend these workshops at least once, and many faculty suggest attending multiple times. For more information, please view our complete schedule of workshops for the Academic 2023-2024 year.


Mentoring For Success: Annual Appraisals, Peer Reviews, P&T (fall)

This seminar explains each of the formal faculty evaluation processes at UD and is meant to help faculty understand each process and also their relation to each other.


Navigating Faculty Evaluation: Appraisal, Peer Review, P&T (winter)

This interactive session is for faculty who are relatively new to the university and are thinking about the peer-review and promotion processes. Learn about practices to help prepare for writing your dossier.


Peer-review Short Course (fall)

This four-workshop short course helps faculty prepare materials for their two-, and four-year peer-review. Participants develop and revise their narrative and CV, and receive detailed feedback from peers as well as a designated faculty reviewer. 


CT Peer Review and Appraisal Writing Challenge (winter)

This workshop is for CT faculty who will be submitting materials in early spring for contract renewals. The challenge starts in the first week of January, followed by 3-4 weekly work sessions.


Strategic Approaches to Promotion & Tenure 1 (fall) 

This faculty panel with Q&A is geared toward faculty ~2-3 years before the promotion to associate professor. Learn tips from faculty colleagues who have recently gone through this process.


Panel on Promotion for Continuing Track Faculty (spring)

This panel provides continuing track faculty an opportunity to hear from colleagues who have successfully sought promotion, and to ask questions about the promotion process and University policy.


Documenting your Teaching for Promotion and Tenure (spring)

Participants learn how to craft a teaching narrative to accompany their student evaluations and consider what teaching effectiveness means in the context of their courses and disciplines.


Dossier Short Course (spring)

Faculty members prepare their promotion and tenure dossier materials over four sessions. Participants develop each section of the dossier and receive detailed feedback from peers and faculty reviewers above their rank.


Strategic Approaches to Promotion & Tenure 2 (spring)

This faculty panel discussion with time for questions is for assistant professors who are ready to go up for promotion to associate professor in the next 1-2 years.


Planning for Promotion to Full Professor (spring)

This interactive session is for associate professors who are planning to apply for promotion to full professor. Listen to insights and guidance from colleagues who have recently been promoted to full professor.