Faculty Affairs facilitates the identification of potential nominees, connects applicants to resources for external awards, and celebrates the achievements of our faculty.

Mentor's Circle in autumn.
2023 Francis Alison Award Recipient, Professor Joseph Fox.
2023 Francis Alison Award Recipient, Professor Joseph Fox.

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Group shot on stage after the Faculty Senate Excellence Awards.
Faculty Senate Excellence Award winners on stage.

The Faculty Senate Excellence Awards were created to honor and encourage faculty excellence at UD. Faculty members are nominated by their students, colleagues, and chairs and these nominations are supported by chairs, deans, and engaged community partners.

Selected by the Senate’s Committee on Student and Faculty Honors, awardees are honored for their outstanding research, scholarship, teaching, creative output, mentoring, advising and service.

Faculty Senate Excellence Award winners are recognized at December and May Faculty Senate Meetings, and at the Faculty Awards Ceremony in the Fall.




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The Fulbright Program provides an opportunity for faculty, staff, students and scholars to study, teach, exchange ideas, conduct research and at host locations across the globe. The University of Delaware is considered a top producer of Fulbright Scholars due to the large number of students, faculty and staff who are awarded grants by Fulbright to pursue their academic interests around the world.

This coming year, there will be 7 UD Faculty who will be studying and contributing across the globe. The faculty Fulbright Awardees for 2025 are Jon Cohen, Stephanie Raible, Jovan Tatar, Abhyudai Singh, Rachel Vause, Sonia Robles, and Saleem Ali.

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