Department Directory

Department leadership 


Elizabeth Speakman

Senior Associate Dean, Nursing

Department Faculty Members 

Hilary Barnes headshot

Hilary Barnes

Assistant Professor
Kathleen Brewer-Smyth headshot

Kathleen Brewer-Smyth

Associate Professor
Lauren Covington headshot

Lauren Covington

Assistant Professor

Christine DiPaolo

Beatrice Gaynor headshot

Beatrice Gaynor

Assistant Professor
Director, Graduate Programs
Mari Griffeon headshot

Mari Griffioen

Assistant Professor
Ingrid Hansen headshot

Ingrid Hansen

Delaware Medical Reserve Corps Unit Leader and Project Community Liaison
Catherine Heilferty headshot

Catherine Heilferty

Associate Professor
Director, Accreditation and Outcomes
Jenny Hughes headshot

Jenny Hughes

Xiaopeng Ji headshot

Xiaopeng Ji

Assistant Professor
Jennifer Korkosz headshot

Jennifer Korkosz

Associate Professor
Jessica Madiraca headshot

Jessica Madiraca

Clinical Instructor
Katherine E. McDaniel headshot

Katherine E. McDaniel

Lorraine J. Phillips headshot

Lorraine J. Phillips

Associate Professor
Jeanne K. Buxbaum
Chair of Nursing Science
april prior headshot


Simulation Lab Instructor
Diane M. Rudolphi headshot

Diane M. Rudolphi

Director, Clinical Education
Advisor Student Nurses Organization
Jennifer L. Saylor headshot

Jennifer L. Saylor

Associate Dean, Faculty and Student Affairs

Kim Schoeffler


Mary Katharine Shannon

Ju Young Shin headshot

Ju Young Shin

Associate Professor

Marie Wilson


Amanda Young

Clinical Instructor
Mary Elizabeth (Libbey) Bowen headshot

Mary Elizabeth (Libbey) Bowen

Associate Dean, Research
Associate Professor
Susan Conaty-Buck headshot

Susan Conaty-Buck

Assistant Professor
Heiddy DiGregorio headshot

Heiddy DiGregorio

Assistant Professor
Director, Simulation and Interprofessional Education
Pediatric Simulation Specialist
Sharon Dudley-Browne headshot

Sharon Dudley-Brown

Associate Professor

Jennifer Graber

Associate Dean, Academic Affairs, Practice Initiatives
Amy Hagstrom headshot

Amy Hagstrom

Director, Global Initiatives CHS
Emily J. Hauenstein headshot

Emily J. Hauenstein

Christine Hoch headshot

Christine Hoch

Tinagene Pia L. Inguito headshot

Tinagene Pia L. Inguito

Assistant Professor
Director of BSN Program
Paula Klemm headshot

Paula Klemm

Taneshia Lacy headshot

Taneshia Lacy


Caren Coffy-McCormick

Assistant Professor
Nicole Moody headshot

Nicole Moody

Carolee Polek headshot

Carolee Polek

Associate Professor

Megan Roth

Donna Ruelens-Trinkaus headshot

Donna Ruelens-Trinkaus

Assistant Professor
Kathleen Schell

Kathleen Schell

Associate Professor

Jacinta Serieux-Fontenelle

Susan Sheehy headshot

Susan Sheehy

Joanne Creasy Thomas headshot

Joanne Creasy Thomas

Instructor, Simulation Laboratory
Regina Sims Wright headshot

Regina Sims Wright

Associate Professor
Associate Dean, Diversity & Inclusion, CHS
Name Title Email Phone Office
Mari Fischer Manager of Clinical Coordination and External Relations 302-831-4761 351 McDowell Hall
Zachary Jackson Academic Advisor II 302-831-3012 369 McDowell Hall
Marian Lucas Academic Support Coordinator 302-831-8386 349 McDowell Hall
Shelley T. Rust Business Administration II 302-831-6059 377 McDowell Hall
Holly Roberts Clinical Program Assistant 302-831-0384 357 McDowell Hall
Trudy Appleby Administrative Assistant III
Simulation Laboratory
  302-831-1473 207A McDowell Hall
Kelly Stevenson Administrative Specialist 302-831-4712 393 McDowell Hall
Barry Janney Simulation Technologist
Certified Healthcare Simulation Operations Specialist 302-831-1473 McDowell Hall
Name Title
Karen M. Avino Assistant Professor
Linda Bucher Professor Emerita
Pamela Butler Professor Emerita
Evelyn (Lyn) R. Hayes Professor Emerita
Judith (Judy) W. Herrman Professor Emerita
Madeline Lambrecht Professor Emerita
Lisa McBeth, RN, MSN Instructor/Coordinator
Betty J. Paulanka Professor Emerita
Larry Purnell Professor Emeritus
Veronica F. Rempusheski Jeanne K. Buxbaum
Professor Emerita
Kathleen A. Riley-Lawless, PhD, RN, PNP-BS Assistant Professor
Janice A. Selekman, DNSc, RN, NCSN, FNASN Professor Emerita
Donna M. Szewczyk Instructor
Wayne F. Voelmeck Assistant Professor
Gail H. Wade, PhD, RN Associate Professor Emeritus
Julie K. Waterhouse Associate Professor
Erlinda C. Wheeler Associate Professor Emerita