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Our faculty are recognized experts in their areas of interdisciplinary research. The faculty have external funding from a variety of sources, including NIH, Veterans Administration, and various foundations

Our Focus Areas


Experts in aging at the UD School of Nursing focus on physical function and mobility, cognitive function, cardiovascular health and chronic disease management. To measure mobility and function our experts utilize innovative methods in tracking technology to predict adverse events such as falls, urinary tract infections, and other adverse events across health care settings.

Faculty Researchers: 

Several resources exist with the SON that specifically support aging-related research.  The SON is fortunate enough to have a Jeanne K. Buxbaum Endowed chair in Aging.  Dr. Lorraine Phillips holds the Buxbaum Chair.

The SON is a member of The Multi-Professional Consortium on Gerontology, a group of professionals with expertise in gerontology, both applied and academic, with a passion for advancing the interests and welfare of older adults in our community through advocacy, activism, and scholarship.

In our Interdisciplinary labs in the STAR Tower there are shared laboratory spaces in the Aging in Place Translational Research Lab and Adaptive Living Apartment which focus on preventing poor outcomes and managing chronic conditions across multiple older adult populations.

Symptom Science

Symptom science experts have research programs focused on the pain, sleep, mental health, disease self-management and medication adherence.

Within symptom science, experts at the UD School of Nursing focus on innovative methods and measures of pain, sleep quantity and quality across patient populations and diabetes self-management and life course transitions.



Additional Research:

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Additional Project Areas

Sean’s House exterior the week of its official opening.

Title: Sean's House will focus on free Mental Health care referrals
Collaborators: Rita Landgraf, Catherine Heilferty, Mari Fischer

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Title: VCAT: Veterans and College Athletes Together
CI: Beatrice Gaynor, Jennifer Graber
PI: Susan Sheehy

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Title: A Workforce Study of Delaware's Advanced Practice Healthcare Providers
Collaborators: Susan Conaty-Buck, Rebecca Gross, Katherine Collison


Title: An Examination of Cybersecurity Strategies Used by Small and Medium Healthcare Practices to Decrease Vulnerability Related to Theft of Patient
Collaborators: Susan Conaty-Buck, Andrew Novocin, Jacob Blackstein

Title: Hunger Strikes and Blanket Protests: Nurses' Work in England and Northern Ireland Prisons During the Troubles (1968-1998)
PI: Catherine Heilferty

Title: Decreasing Feelings of Anxiety Experienced by Nursing Students Engaged in High Stakes Testing with the Use of Virtual Reality-Delivered Mindfulness Practice
Collaborators: Susan Conaty-Buck, Jennifer Graber, Laurie, Ruggiero

Title: Specialized Student/Peer Certification Program for Mental Health
Collaborators: Rita Landgraf, Catherine Heilferty, Marimargaret Fischer

Title: College Student Grief and Resilience: A Pilot Study of Peer-Facilitator Support
CI: Marimargaret Fischer
PI: Catherine Heilferty