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We’re proud to offer a series of workshops geared toward engaging everyone in the campus community around diversity and inclusion topics. Check out the trainings that we offer.

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Available Workshops and Trainings

Workshops run for a minimum 50 minutes, but can be expanded to an hour and 45 minutes, according to your event needs.

Implicit Bias

Our brains make shortcuts to make our lives easier, but these shortcuts often lead to stereotypes and assumptions about people that can be inaccurate and harmful. Through this training, the facilitators will break down common implicit biases and provide tools to continue unlearning the stereotypes that surround us.

Unpacking Cultural Appropriation

Learn how to differentiate between appreciating a culture and using a culture for profit, entertainment, or attention. This workshop dives into historical and present day examples and implications of cultural appropriation, as well as some of the systemic causes of cultural appropriation.

Intro to LGBTQ+ Identities

LGBTQ+ identities are expansive and robust, covering gender identity, expression, sexual orientation, and more. Explore the different identities central to one’s relationship with others and themselves and practice making spaces on campus more inclusive of the queer community.


What is a microaggression and how should we respond when they happen? This workshop will examine the concept of microaggressions, unpack common examples, and provide tools on how to advocate for yourself and others when microaggressions occur.


Intersectionality, a term coined by Kimberlé Crenshaw, tangles with how our multiple identities overlap with systems of power, privilege, and oppression.  While we often recognize that we are multifaceted individuals with multiple identities, we do not always recognize the ways in which these identities, and the identities of others, impact lived experiences.  This session will define intersectionality, provide concrete examples of the ways in which intersectionality can be applied, and disentangle what intersectionality means in the context of diversity, equity, inclusion, and social justice work. 

Accompliceship & Bystander Intervention

Accompliceship builds on notions of bystander intervention and allyship, taking a critical lens on how we show up for others. In this workshop, accompliceship vs. an allyship will be defined and attendees will learn strategies for moving towards being an accomplice.  The Continuum of Accompliceship aims to help folx move from one-time allyship to continuous accompliceship for minoritized communities.

Radical Self-Care and Community Care

Self-care in minoritized communities is essential to our ability to strive socially, professionally, emotionally, but its significance in social justice work is often overlooked. This workshop discusses how to take care of yourself and your communities in the fight against systemic oppression.

Student Diversity & Inclusion is part of the Office of Institutional Equity and the Division of Student Life, which advances equity and inclusion, deepens student learning and drives holistic development through education, experiences and communities.