communication sciences & disorders research

Our research areas focus on the following:

  • Acquired Neurological Illness/Injury
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Bilingual Language Development
  • Fluency Disorders
  • Language Disorders in Children
  • Memory Consolidation
  • Motor Speech Disorders
  • Neurodevelopmental Disorders
  • Patient Outcomes
  • Speech Perception
  • Voice

Our Research Labs

Aphasia and Rehabilitation Lab

The primary focus of this lab is to work with people with aphasia – a language impairment that sometimes follows stroke – to better understand language processes and ways to improve aphasia treatment outcomes.

Website:  Aphasia and Rehabilitation Lab 
Director: Rebecca H. Pompon

Interpersonal Neurophysiology Lab  

The primary focus of this lab is to improve treatment approaches for people with fluency and motor speech disorders by better understanding how individual differences in language, emotion, and cognition contribute to the neurodevelopment of atypical speech motor control.

Website: Interpersonal Neurophysiology Lab
Director: Evan Usler 

Memory & Perception of Speech Lab

The primary focus of this lab is to investigate how linguistic experience shapes our perception of spoken language. Their methods combine behavioral with neuroimaging (fMRI, ERP) techniques to better understand the neural underpinnings of perceptual phenomena. 

Website: MAPS Lab 
Director: F. Sayako Earle

Neurobiology of Speech & Language Lab

The primary focus of this lab is to develop new treatment approaches for developmental speech disorders by better understanding the biological and neural mechanisms of normal and disordered speech and language processing. This lab employs various techniques including animal model, genetic analysis and neuroimaging to elucidate the connections among genes, the brain and speech disorders.

Website: Neurobiology of Speech & Language Lab

Director: Ho Ming Chow

Alyssa Lanzi working with a patient

Resilient Cognitive Aging Lab (RECALL)

The primary focus of this lab is to serve individuals with cognitive and language disorders, by developing and disseminating tools and practices that assess health outcomes that matter.

Website: Resilient Cognitive Aging Lab (RECALL)
Directors: Matthew Cohen and Alyssa Lanzi

Speech Language Acquisitions & Multilingualism Lab

The primary focus of this lab is working with infants and young children to explore how children learn language. Their studies are meant to be fun for participants and their families.

Website: SLAM Lab 
Director: Dr. Giovanna Morini

Treatment Efficiency & Language Learning Lab

The primary focus of this lab is studying how and when children acquire the use of language. They hope that their research will lead to improved speech and language interventions.

Website:  TELL Lab 
Director: Amanda Owen Van Horne

Voice and Motor Learning Lab

The primary focus of this lab is voice – in all its manifestations, including biomechanical, biological, perceptual-motor, social, emotional, artistic, and spiritual. Their projects incorporate a variety of technologies to investigate voice including computational modeling, in vivo, and human studies.

Website: Voice and Motor Learning Lab 
Director: Kittie Verdolini-Abbott