Katherine Verdolini Abbott

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Katherine Verdolini Abbott


Office Location:
632 Tower at STAR


  • M.S. Indiana University, 1983
  • Ph.D. Washington University, 1991
  • M.Div. Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, 2014

Research Interests

  • Voice
  • Voice Disorders


Honors, Awards, Major Professional Office Held

  • Honors: ASHA Fellow 2000; ASHA Honors 2009
  • Awards (selected among many): NSSHLA Teacher of the Year Award, University of Iowa, 1991; Senior Author, Best Basic Science Paper of the Year, Journal of Voice, 2007; First Author Best Voice Pedagogy Paper of the Year, Journal of Voice, 2013; Senior Author, Best Speech-Language Pathology Paper of the Year, Journal of Voice, 2015.Milestone Award from the Mental Illness Research Association (1997)
  • Major Professional Offices Held: Former Associate Editor and Editor, Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research; Former Associate Editor, American Journal of Speech-Language Pathology; Standing and Ad Hoc Reviewer, National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders.
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