undergraduate research

Interested and well-qualified students may elect to pursue an honors degree and have opportunities for undergraduate research with Medical and Molecular Sciences faculty.

Frequently, this research culminates in the student co-authoring a scientific poster for presentation at a national professional meeting or a manuscript for publication in a peer reviewed scientific journal. Research participation affords students an exceptional out-of-classroom, hands on discovery learning experience.

To obtain additional information about undergraduate research opportunities in the Department, interested students should speak with the faculty member whose research thet find best aligned with their interests. Most research laboratories in the department accept under graduates throughout the calendar year.

In addition, students can gain valuable research experience by doing summer research internships. Many of these internships are funded through various mechanisms. Interested students should review the web site for the University’s Undergraduate Research Program to obtain information about applying for fellowships. 

There is also a work study program available for qualified undergraduates at University of Delaware. Interested students should check out the web site for University’s University of Delaware Research Apprenticeship for Work Study (UDRAW).