Department Directory

Department leadership 

Esther Biswas-Fiss, Ph.D., MB(ASCP)<sup>CM</sup>

Department Chair, Medical and Molecular Sciences
Director, Graduate Programs in Medical Sciences
Director, Programs in Applied Molecular Biology and Biotechnology
Program Advisor, Molecular Diagnostics Minor and Certificate

Office Location:
305J Willard Hall

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Department Faculty Members 

Mona Batish, PhD

Associate Professor

232 Delaware Biotechnology Institute

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Andrew Hollinger, MS, MLS(ASCP)SM<sup>CM</sup>

Director, MS in Medical Laboratory Science

305E Willard Hall

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Huey-Jen Lin, Ph.D., MT(ASCP)

Associate Professor

303B Willard Hall

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Heather A. Walters, M.Ed., MLS(ASCP)<sup>CM</sup>

Director, Forensic Science Minor

305G Willard Hall

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Sam Biswas, PhD


301B Willard hall

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Paula A. Melancon, M. Ed., MLS(ASCP)<sup>CM</sup>

Director of Clinical Education

305F Willard Hall

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Vijay Parashar, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

231 Delaware Biotechnology Institute

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Academic Program Directors

Leslie M. Allshouse, M.Ed., M.B.A., MLS (ASCP)<sup>CM</sup>

Department Vice Chair
Senior Instructor
Director, Medical Laboratory Science
Program Advisor, Post Baccalaureate Categorical Certificate in MLS
CHS Director of Curriculum

305E Willard Hall

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Kimberly E. Walker, Ph.D., MLS(ASCP)<sup>CM</sup>

Assistant Professor
Director, Medical Diagnostics

303C Willard Hall

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Virginia Hughes, Ph.D., MLS (ASCP)<sup>CM</sup>, SBB

Associate Professor
Director, Medical Diagnostics (Pre-PA)

303D Willard Hall

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Joselin Abraham, M.S. MLS(ASCP)<sup>CM</sup>

Laboratory Education Coordinator

305D Willard Hall

Susan Coffing

Academic Advisor II
Program Advisor, Genetic Counseling Minor

305F Willard Hall

Lori Wickline, B.S.

Business Administrator

305B Willard Hall

Stefanie Hansen

Laboratory Education Coordinator

305D Willard Hall

Danni Rose, B.A.

Academic Program Coordinator

305K Willard Hall

Kelley Bielewicz, B.A.

Graduate Services Coordinator

305C Willard Hall

Name Title Email
Anna P. Ciulla, MCC, MLS (ASCP)SC, CC(NRCC) Professor Emeritus
Donald C. Lehman, EdD, MLS(ASCP)CM, SM(NRCM) Professor Emeritus
Raelene Maser, PhD, MT(ASCP) Professor Emeritus
Mary Ann McLane, PhD, MLS(ASCP)CM Professor Emeritus
Name Title Email
Karen R. Brinker, M. Ed., MLS (ASCP)CM Adjunct/Supplemental Faculty
University of Delaware
Zohra Ali-Khan Catts, M.S. LCGC Director, Genetic Counseling Services
Co-Director, Masters in Human Genetics and Genetic Counseling
Thomas Jefferson University
Sheau Ching Chai Assistant Professor
Behavioral Health and Nutrition
University of Delaware
Eric Chandler, MLS (ASCP) Medical Laboratory Scientist
Mallory Chimmel, MSFS DNA Analyst
The Armed Forces DNA Identification Laboratory
Jasmine Fuentes, MLS (ASCLS) Technical Service Technician
Integrated Chemistry In-Vitro Diagnostics
Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Inc.
Lindsey M. Hardy, MHA, MLS (ASCP) Medical Laboratory Scientist
ChristianaCare, Department of Microbiology
Marie Kuczmarski Professor
Behavioral Health and Nutrition
University of Delaware
Katy Koluch, MLS (ASCP)CM Medical Laboratory Scientist
Nemours/Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children
Scott Kleckner, MS Corporate Security
Global Investment and Technology Firm
American Society for Industrial Security
National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians
Association of Retired Delaware State Police
Eric B. Kmiec, Ph.D. Director, Gene Editing Institute
Helen F. Graham Cancer Center & Research Institute
Danyella Lopez-Juarez, MLS (ASCP) Medical Laboratory Scientist I
ChristianaCare Blood Bank
Christine Miller, B.S., MLS (ASCP)CM Adjunct/Supplemental Faculty
University of Delaware
Michael Monge, MLS (ASCP) Medical Laboratory Scientist II
ChristianaCare Department of Pathology
Kawal Jeet Narula, PhD Adjunct Faculty
Medical and Molecular Sciences
University of Delaware
Beth Ranauto, MT(ASCP) Adjunct Microbiology Instructor
University of Delaware and Cecil College
Vipul Shah, MBA;MLS(ASCP);DLM(ASCP)CM Clinical Labs, Division Manager
Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
Professional Medical Technologist, Penn Medicine
Adjust Faculty, University of Delaware
Jessica Smith, M.S., D-ABFT-FT Chief Forensic Toxicologist
State of Delaware Division of Forensic Science
Richard A. West, M.S. Flow Cytometry Core Manager/Associate Scientist
Delaware Biotechnology Institute
University of Delaware