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report 2020

President Dennis Assanis

I could not be prouder of our people or more optimistic as we create a better world together.

I could not be prouder of our people or more optimistic as we create a better world together.

Mission and Momentum

The University of Delaware has enjoyed an amazing year … and what an exciting future awaits us!

Driven by our mission and carried by the momentum of our remarkable accomplishments, the University of Delaware continues to make an extraordinary impact on our students and our world. Our institutional values and our five strategic priorities guide our work as we lead a growing number of students to success, refresh the ranks of our distinguished faculty, engage our loyal alumni and friends, and boldly build a vibrant campus for the 21st century and beyond. 

The dawn of a new decade calls the University of Delaware — and all institutions of higher education — to recommit ourselves to answering the great challenges of our time through the wise application of knowledge and resources. By powering our people, we are shaping the next generation of thinkers, leaders, artists and entrepreneurs. Our lifesaving science, game-changing innovations and barrier-breaking ideas are advancing new insights in every field. Through both collaboration and competition, we are forging new connections that are growing our impact around the world. As we reflect on the treasured history of the University of Delaware, we are confidently investing in the future and embracing the limitless opportunities to come.

As president of the University of Delaware, I could not be prouder of our people or more optimistic as we create a better world together. 

Dennis Assanis

Driven by a bold mission to change the world,
new paths into the future.

The University of Delaware’s strategic priorities stem from our 277-year legacy of academic excellence, shape our never-ending pursuit of knowledge and understanding, and guide our vision for transformative impact on the world.

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Enhancing the
success of
our students




innovation and


and global programs


Investing in our
intellectual and
physical capital

Building on our accomplishments

UD is proud of its long and enduring legacy of scholarship and impact. Since the inauguration of President Dennis Assanis in 2016, the University has achieved significant progress in multiple measures of excellence.