Payroll is responsible for the timely and accurate payment of salaries, wages and withholdings for all University of Delaware employees.

We currently operate on both a bi-weekly and semi-monthly schedule paying approximately 8,500 employees a month. We are also responsible for the creation and distribution the W2, 1042S and 1095 year end forms.

What's New

COVID19 Pandemic Pay Protocol  

Information on how some payments should be processed during the COVID19 Pandemic Pay Protocol period. Learn more.

Physical Checks  

The University’s Payroll Office is currently working remotely and limiting the processing of physical checks to extenuating circumstances. If approved, these checks will be printed once a month during this period. We are urging all employees to sign up for direct deposit if they have not already done so.

UD WorkForce

In October 2019, the University of Delaware contracted with Workforce Software to upgrade the current Time & Attendance System. Learn more.

UDTime – Amending Timesheets

Effective Feb. 10, 2020 at 1 p.m., Time Sheet approvers (supervisors and timekeepers) will be able to directly make adjustments to non-union hourly employee time sheets without having to submit the Amended Timesheet Request Form. We recommend that you review the training videos and job aid available here before amending time sheets.

2019 W-2s

The University of Delaware has mailed the 2019 W-2s before Jan. 24, 2020. 2019 W2 forms are also be available online via Web Views. See the W-2 Reprint Request Form page for more information.

1095-C forms  

The University of Delaware will mail the 2019 1095-C forms before March 2, 2020. For more information about the 1095-C forms, please visit the 1095 FAQ page.

State Pension Exclusion  

Each January, University of Delaware employees enrolled in the state pension retirement plan have an initial exclusion for the first $6,000.00 of pensionable earnings. This means that for the first $6,000.00 of earnings, employee contributions will not occur, and only University contributions will be taken from those earnings. Employee contributions will typically begin in the March/April timeframe. During this timeframe you will notice a decrease in your net pay, which will continue until the end of the calendar year.
For more information, please see the State of Delaware website

Relocation Reimbursements

More information on how to process relocation reimbursements.

Relocation Reimbursements Change

Effective immediately, relocation reimbursements must be completed via S-Contract webform and processed by Payroll. Relocation reimbursements will no longer be processed via Works. Please note that for moving expenses on S-contracts, department should use Earn code TME and account 120400.

Online W2 Forms

Starting Oct. 29, 2018, active University of Delaware employees can access their W2s online. See the W-2 Reprint Request Form page for more information.

Minimum Wage

Delaware Lawmakers have voted to increase the minimum wage to $8.75 effective Jan. 1, 2019 and $9.25 effective Oct. 1, 2019. See the State of Delaware website for more information.

I-9 Appointment

Effective Aug. 1, 2017, the Payroll Office is implementing a new foreign national I-9 process. International employees will need to schedule an appointment to complete their I-9 document. I-9 appointments will be scheduled between the hours of 10 a.m.–12 p.m. and 2-4 p.m., Monday through Friday. Please see the I-9 Appointment Form page to request a date and time to complete the I-9 document.

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Email your questions to or call 302 831-8677.