UD Workforce

UD WorkForce - Coming this Summer!

In October 2019, the University of Delaware contracted with WorkForce Software to upgrade the current Time & Attendance System. Some of the highlights of the upgrade include:

  • Latest software system version (from 9.1 to 19.3)
  • Move system from On-premise to SaaS (Cloud)
  • Review pain points and complete reconfigurations of the system
  • The use of enhanced delivered functionality and retiring outdated leave webforms & webviews

This will help us improve and provide University employees with a better user experience. The Payroll Office is working with stakeholders across campus to gather valuable input during the phases of this project. We are conducting ongoing focus group meetings with various stakeholders.

WorkForce Timeline

Upcoming Meetings

April 15, 2020:  Focus Group Update

June 4, 2020: Focus Group Training Sessions

June 17, 2020: Focus Group Testing Sessions