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Human Resources will be implementing a new time and attendance system called UD WorkForce, an upgrade over UDTime. UD WorkForce will significantly improve the user experience with system enhancements and new features.


As a UD employee, no matter what your role, whether it be a business officer, HR manager, reporter, supervisor, timekeeper, faculty member, benefited employee, union employee, student or misc. wage employee, UD WorkForce will play an important part of your work day.

Explore your role and what you can expect in the new system.

Training Coming in July 2020



  • Cloud-based platform
  • Convenient dashboard
  • Timesheet layout
  • Simplified process for time-off  requests (TORs)
  • TOR approval via email
  • Easy access to submitted TORs  
  • Easy access to leave balances  
  • Enhanced reporting capabilities
  • Ability to delegate
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  • Improves operational efficiency by reducing time spent on administrative tasks
  • Provides more accurate financial and time/attendance reporting
  • Offers a modern, seamless user experience across devices
  • Empowers managers with streamlined workflow and quick, easy access to attendance


The Payroll Office has been working with a Focus Group representative of Colleges and Departments campus wide, see below for more details.  Since September 2019 we have solicited valuable input throughout the various phases of the project. We continue to work with the Focus Group to ensure a smooth transition from UD Time to UD WorkForce. 

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