Labor Allocation Module (LAM) Access and Information

The Labor Allocation Module (LAM) enables units to update employee salary distributions based on temporary funding. The distributions for each pay are allocated by percentage within each Earnings Code, not by dollar amounts; they can be changed as frequently as needed.

The LAM is a system which is part of PeopleSoft-Oracle HR. The LAM input page is in the UD Financial system, while the LAM data resides in HR. The LAM is “owned and operated” by Payroll and Records Management. Send questions or comments to



Send access request to and include:

  • Name and user name (UDelNet ID)
  • Are you requesting update or view only access?
  • Do you currently have access to FIPRD (financials production)?
  • Do you currently have access to HRPRD (HR production)?
  • What tree node access do you need?
    • Generally, the tree node = Dept ID (access for one department)
    • To have access to multiple departments, those departments must fall under the same higher level tree node

      Example of Tree Node Access

      College level tree node = 03000

      Dept tree node = 03101
      Dept tree node = 03110
      Dept tree node = 03106
      Dept tree node = 03120
      Dept tree node = 03130

      To request LAM access to all the departments within this college, you would request the high level tree node: 03000.

    • If you do not know your tree node number, send an email to
  • Permission for access to LAM:
    • Comes from either your department head or the designated individual for your unit
    • Is based on the authorization procedures setup by your college or VP unit