PT research facilities

Take a look inside some of the physical spaces that we perform our ongoing research in the Department of Physical Therapy at the University of Delaware.


Star Health Sciences Complex, Rm 210L
Lab Phone: 302-283-9713

Focused on the study of free-living physical activity in adults and knee osteoarthritis. We use research grade monitors to objectively measure sedentary behaviors and physical activity.

Hicks - Physical Therapy


Clinical Research Evaluation Lab, Star Health Sciences Complex, Rm 144
Lab Phone: 302-831-8441

Clinical Research Treatment Lab, Star Health Sciences Complex, Rm 145
Lab Phone: 302-831-7142

The Clinical Research Treatment Lab is used for clinical testing and rehabilitation interventions for older adults with low back pain, individuals with lower-limb amputation and other musculoskeletal conditions, and those living with stroke.

  • GaitRite​ system
  • Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Imaging Machines
  • 3 treadmills
  • Custom-built ceiling mounted harness system


STAR Health Sciences Complex, Rm 118
Lab Phone:
302-831-7608 (Dr. Anjana Bhat, MS PT, PhD)
302-831-8666 (Dr. Michele Lobo, PT, PhD)

  • Focused on advancing activity, cognition, and social interaction for individuals with movement impairments
  • Populations of focus: autism, preterm, arthrogryposis, cerebral palsy, stroke, brachial plexus palsy
  • Positive Science Eye Tracking System
  • TrakSTAR & Polhemus Motion Analysis Systems
  • Wearable Technology Maker-space
  • 12 State of the Art Behavioral Analysis Stations
  • Functional near-infrared spectroscopy


STAR Health Sciences Complex, Rm 120
Lab Phone: 302-831-3145

A 1009 sq. foot human muscle performance laboratory is a shared facility.  All of the equipment necessary for stimulating and recording forces from major human muscle groups is presently available.  This laboratory uses a customized LabView application software program that allows a personal computer to control an electric stimulator while continuously acquiring data.  The same program is used to reduce and analyze the data.

  • 2 computerized force dynamometers (KIN-COMs)
  • Grass S8800 stimulators, customized
  • LabVIEW application software and hardware
  • GE Logiq e ultrasound imaging
  • Continuous shear wave elastography (cSWE)
  • Ergotest Muscle lab unit for evaluation of strength (linear encoder), function (light mat) and muscle activation (EMG)
  • HR MATTM VersaTek Pressure Measurement System


Star Health Sciences Complex, Rm 117
Lab Phone: 302-831-4613
Lab Email:

Elizabeth Thompson

The Neuromotor Behavior Lab is used for research in motor control and biomechanics.

  • 8 camera (120 Hz) Vicon Motion Capture system
  • Bertec Split-belt Treadmill embedded in floor
  • 2 Bertec Force Plates
  • 16 channel Motion Lab Systems surface EMG system
  • Custom Overhead Harness and Support system


Star Health Sciences Complex, Rm 121
Lab Phone: 302-831-7610
Lab Email:

The Neurophysiology Lab is used for non-invasive brain stimulation research to study how the brain controls movement.

  • MagStim Bi-Stim2 transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) unit
  • Multiple double, double cone and custom TMS coils
  • Transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) units
  • Digitimer DS7A constant current stimulator
  • CED Micro 1401 data acquisition unit
  • 16 channel Motion Lab Systems surface EMG system
Tracy Stoner, physical therapist works with Xander in the baby mobility lab in the harness system.


Star Health Sciences Complex, Rm 115
Dr. Lee’s Lab Phone: 302-831-7611
Dr. Galloway’s Lab Phone: 302-831-3214

  • Advancing technology to promote independent mobility for all people.
  • Improving physical function of children with Cerebral Palsy (CP) through the development of training approaches and technologies to enhance strength, fitness and participation.
  • 2 instrumented computerized force dynamometers (KIN-COMs)
  • Grass S8800 stimulators
  • Customized LabVIEW application software
  • A to D and I/O boards
  • Storage oscilloscopes
  • A digital data recorder
  • ForceFields Harness System


STAR Health Sciences Complex, Rm 107
Lab Phone: 302-831-8667


The MAL is a 2,000 square foot laboratory used for research in human motion. It is located on the first floor of the new Health Sciences Complex.

  • VICON infrared based, high speed motion analysis, 8- camera system (60/120 Hz) that has recently been upgraded to a real time system. Ground reaction forces are obtained from 2 Bertec Corporation force plates (60X90 cm) mounted on an optical bench in the floor of the laboratory. Both plates are attached to carriers with air bearings that allow for multiple spatial configurations. Two photoelectric cells and a timer also provide a means for monitoring locomotion speed
  • 16- channel B&L Telemetered EMG system, 16-channel Motion Lab Systems EMG system, and  16-channel Data Translation analog to digital board are available for collecting electromyography data.


Star Health Sciences Complex, Rm 115
Lab Phone: 302-831-6040

Research in our lab focuses on how humans acquire, retain, and improve skillful movement. We combine motor psychophysics, patient testing, and computational modeling in order to tackle these topics. Current projects aim to examine interactions between different forms of implicit motor learning, the effects of practice on movement planning, and the nervous system’s integration of visual and somatosensory information during reaching. Ultimately, we hope that this work will produce fundamental knowledge regarding motor control and learning that is used to advance neurorehabilitation practice.

  • Kinarm End-Point Lab (robot arm and 2-D virtual reality display)
  • Wacom Intuos 4XL digitizing tablet