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Pharmaceutical Sciences

A UD pharmaceutical science major conducts research | pharmaceutical sciences

College of Arts and Sciences

Biological Sciences with a Concentration in Pharmaceutical Sciences


A collaborative program


Pharmaceutical sciences are concerned with the discovery, development, delivery, action, analysis, clinical application, cost effectiveness and regulation of drugs and therapies. From research and development to manufacturing delivery systems to studying the metabolic effects of drugs on the human body, pharmaceutical sciences include a wide range of categories and career opportunities.

This program is a collaboration between the University of Delaware (UD) and the Thomas Jefferson University (TJU) School of Pharmacy

Areas of Study

  • Biology
  • Microbiology
  • Organic Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Physiology
  • Calculus

Career Options

  • Pharmacist
  • Pharmaceutical Industry R & D
  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Patent Law
  • Administration
  • Academia
  • Sales & Marketing

Graduate Programs

  • Pharma.D.
  • Pharmacology
  • Pharmacokinetics (Engineering)
  • Medicine
  • Medical Sociology
  • Law
  • Marketing

What’s special about this program?

The Jefferson College of Pharmacy is a partner in one of the country’s most successful and highly recognized healthcare learning environments, recognized for progressive care, practice, education and research. Collaboration is a hallmark of the program and students and faculty have many opportunities to partner with peers across our entire organization and in clinical settings throughout the region. The degree program is designed for students to complete three years of study at UD followed by four years at TJU. The courses taken in the first year (and if necessary, in the second year) at TJU will complete the requirements for the B.S. degree from UD while at the same time serving as the first year (and if necessary, the second year) of the Pharmacy program. When the four years are completed at TJU the student will receive a doctor of pharmacy (Pharm.D.) degree.

Get involved

Pharmacy Interest Group

Beta Beta Beta Biological Honors Society

Phi Delta Epsilon International Medical Fraternity


Pre-Physician Assistant Club

Scientista Foundation

Lori’s Hands

Making Doctors

Pre-Dental Society

Sample curriculum



Introduction to Biology I

Introduction to Biology II




General Chemistry I



General Chemistry II

Seminar in Composition


MATH221 or 241





First Year Experience



Foreign Language Courses 106 or higher



University Breadth Course



General Physiology



Vertebrate Morphology



Organic Chemistry I    



Organic Chemistry II



University Multicultural Course  



University Breadth Course


  Discovery Learning Experience



Introduction to Microbiology



Experimental Physiology



General Physics I



General Physics II

University Breadth Course



2nd Writing Course


  Elective Courses

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